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Iron Maiden - The X Factor (1995)

Iron Maiden - The X Factor - Released Year 1995

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Sign of the Cross" Steve Harris 11:18
2. "Lord of the Flies" Harris, Janick Gers 5:04
3. "Man on the Edge" Blaze Bayley, Gers 4:13
4. "Fortunes of War" Harris 7:24
5. "Look for the Truth" Bayley, Gers, Harris 5:10
6. "The Aftermath" Harris, Bayley, Gers 6:21
7. "Judgement of Heaven" Harris 5:12
8. "Blood on the World's Hands" Harris 5:58
9. "The Edge of Darkness" Harris, Bayley, Gers 6:39
10. "2 A.M." Bayley, Gers, Harris 5:38
11. "The Unbeliever" Harris, Gers 8:10

Japanese bonus disc

1. "Justice of the Peace" Harris, Dave Murray 3:33
2. "I Live My Way" Harris, Bayley, Gers 3:48

3. "Judgement Day" Bayley, Gers 4:04

The X Factor is the tenth studio album by English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 2 October 1995 through EMI. It is the first of two albums by the band to include Blaze Bayley, formerly of Wolfsbane, as vocalist, replacing Bruce Dickinson who left the band following their previous tour to pursue a solo career. The album takes a darker tone than the band's first nine releases, due to the lyrics being based on personal issues surrounding Steve Harris at the time, who was in the midst of a divorce. This is reflected in the cover artwork, which graphically depicts the band's mascot, Eddie, being vivisected by machine.

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