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10cc - Ten Out of 10 (1981)

 10cc - Ten Out of 10 (1981)

Side one

1. "Don't Ask" Graham Gouldman 4:02
2. "Overdraft in Overdrive" Eric Stewart, Gouldman 3:24
3. "Don't Turn Me Away" Stewart 5:03
4. "Memories" Stewart, Gouldman 4:31
5. "Notell Hotel" Stewart, Gouldman 4:56

Side two

6. "Les Nouveaux Riches" Stewart 5:11
7. "Action Man in Motown Suit" Stewart, Gouldman 4:45
8. "Listen with Your Eyes" Stewart, Gouldman 3:10
9. "Lying Here with You" Gouldman 3:22
10. "Survivor" Gouldman, Stewart  5:46

Ten Out of 10 is the eighth studio album by 10cc. It was released in two different versions for the European and American markets in November 1981 and June 1982 respectively. After two albums of 10cc as a sixpiece lineup Ten Out of 10 was a return to the core duo of Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart with all other contributors taking a role of session musicians, despite the fact that the album featured two of the musicians used on the band's previous album, 1980s Look Hear?: drummer Paul Burgess on all but three tracks and guitarist and singer Rick Fenn on two tracks.

Other session musicians included pianist Vic Emerson of Sad Café, who also joined 10cc on tour. The album credits resulted in identification of Gouldman and Stewart only as "Graham" and "Eric" with other musicians credited by full name after the contributions of the former. The only band member photos on the album were those of Gouldman and Stewart.

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