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Billy Idol - Cyberpunk (1993)

 Billy Idol - Cyberpunk - Released Year 1993

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Untitled (Opening Manifesto)"   1:01
2. "Wasteland"   4:34
3. "Untitled (Pre-Shock)"   0:19
4. "Shock to the System"   3:33
5. "Tomorrow People"   5:07
6. "Adam in Chains"   6:23
7. "Neuromancer"   4:34
8. "Power Junkie"   4:46
9. "Untitled (That Which Beareth Thorns)"   0:27
10. "Love Labours On"   3:53
11. "Heroin"   6:57
12. "Untitled (Injection)"   0:22
13. "Shangrila"   7:24
14. "Concrete Kingdom"   4:52
15. "Untitled (Galaxy Within)"   0:38
16. "Venus"   5:47
17. "Then the Night Comes"   4:37
18. "Untitled (Before Dawn)"   0:25
19. "Mother Dawn"   5:03
20. "Recap"   0:56

Total length:   71:38

Billy Idol Band Members / Musicians

Billy Idol credited bassist Doug Wimbish with contributing to a large number of tracks, despite not being a "core" member of the production.

Billy Idol – vocals, keyboards, programming, swarm camcorder, arrangements

Mark Younger-Smith – keyboards, programming, guitars, sitars, arrangements

Robin Hancock – keyboards, programming, arrangements

Jamie Muhoberac – keyboards, organ

Doug Wimbish – bass

Larry Seymour – bass (10)

Tal Bergman – drums

David Weiss – saw (7)

Robert Farago – spoken words (6)

Muhammad Ali – excerpts (between 7 & 8)

London Jo Henwood – sexy voice (6)

The Shartse Monks – excerpts (13)

Durga McBroom – backing vocals (17)

Carnie Wilson – backing vocals (17)

Wendy Wilson – backing vocals (17)

Robin Hancock – producer, engineer, mixing

Ross Donaldson – additional engineer

Mike Baumgartner –mix assistant

Ed Korengo – mix assistant

A&M Studios (Hollywood, California) – mixing location

Stephen Marcussen – mastering at Precision Mastering (Hollywood, California)

Chris Rugolo – band technician

Henry Marquez – art direction

Michael Diehl – design

Billy Idol – cover concept, logo design

"Sweet" Briar Ludwig – logo design

Greg Gorman – photography

Peter Graville – photography

Brett Leonard – photography

Elisabeth Sunday – photography

Gwen Mullen – rendering

Scott Hampton – rendering

Gareth Branwyn – consultation, lyrics (Untitled (Opening Manifesto)), text (diskette)

Mark Frauenfelder – consultation, graphic design (cover art and logo for album, singles, and VHS cassette)

Timothy Leary – consultation, spoken word (album track No. 15 segue)

Jaime Levy – interactive producer

Cyberpunk is the 5th studio album by English rock musician Billy Idol, released on 29 June 1993 by Chrysalis Records. A concept album, it was inspired by his personal interest in technology and his first attempts to use computers in the creation of his music. Idol based the album on the cyberdelic subculture of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Heavily experimental in its style, the album was an attempt to take control of the creative process in the production of his albums, while simultaneously introducing Idol's fans and other musicians to the opportunities presented by digital media.

The album featured a cyberpunk-styled narrative, as well as synthesised vocals and industrial influences. Despite its critical and commercial failure, Billy Idol set several precedents in the process of promoting the album. These included his use of the Internet, e-mail, virtual communities, and multimedia software, each a first for a mainstream celebrity. Idol also based his fashion style, music videos, and stage shows on cyberpunk themes and aesthetics.

Released to negative reviews, Cyberpunk polarised internet communities of the time, with detractors viewing it as an act of cooptation and opportunistic commercialisation. It was also seen as part of a process that saw the overuse of the term "cyberpunk" until it lost its original meaning. Alternatively, supporters saw Idol's efforts as harmless and well-intentioned, and were encouraged by his new interest in cyberculture.

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