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Blackmore's Night - Secret Voyage (2008)

 Blackmore's Night - Secret Voyage - Released Year 2008

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Blackmore's Night - Secret Voyage
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1. "God Save the Keg"   3:40
2. "Locked Within the Crystal Ball"   8:04
3. "Gilded Cage"   3:42
4. "Toast to Tomorrow"   3:49
5. "Prince Waldeck's Galliard"   2:13
6. "Rainbow Eyes" (Rainbow cover)   6:01
7. "The Circle"   4:48
8. "Sister Gypsy"   3:21
9. "Can't Help Falling in Love" (Elvis Presley cover)   2:51
10. "Peasant's Promise"   5:33
11. "Far Far Away"   3:54
12. "Empty Words"   2:40

Secret Voyage is the 7th studio album by the group Blackmore's Night. According to a SPV press release, Secret Voyage is another kaleidoscopic musical journey through time and space, incorporating and rearranging traditional melodies from all over Europe, blending the "old" and contemporary. Secret Voyage consists of twelve new tracks, recorded by Candice Night, Ritchie Blackmore and their Band of Minstrels.

Secret Voyage won the New Age Reporter Lifestyle Music Award as the best Celtic album. It was also nominated for NAR awards in two more categories - Best Vocal Album and Best Cover Artwork for a CD.

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