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Deep Purple - Who Do We Think We Are (1973)

Deep Purple - Who Do We Think We Are (1973)

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Deep Purple - Who Do We Think We Are
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Side one
1. "Woman from Tokyo"   5:48
2. "Mary Long"   4:23
3. "Super Trouper"   2:54
4. "Smooth Dancer"   4:08

Side two
1. "Rat Bat Blue"   5:23
2. "Place in Line"   6:29
3. "Our Lady"   5:12

2000 Remastered CD Edition bonus tracks
8. "Woman from Tokyo" ('99 Remix)   6:37
9. "Woman from Tokyo" (Alternate bridge)   1:24
10. "Painted Horse" (studio out-take)   5:19
11. "Our Lady" ('99 Remix)   6:05
12. "Rat Bat Blue" (writing session)   0:57
13. "Rat Bat Blue" ('99 Remix)   5:49
14. "First Day Jam" (instrumental)   11:31

Deep Purple Band Members / Musicians
Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Ian Gillan – vocals
Roger Glover – bass
Jon Lord – keyboards
Ian Paice – drums, percussion

Produced by Deep Purple
Martin Birch – engineer
Jeremy Gee, Nick Watterton – Rolling Stones Mobile 

Ian Paice and Roger Glover – mixing
Ian Hansford, Rob Cooksey, Colin Hart, Ron Quinton – equipment
Roger Glover and John Coletta – cover design
Peter Denenberg with Roger Glover – bonus tracks remixing (2000 edition)
Peter Mew – remastering (original album tracks) and mastering (bonus tracks) at Abbey Road Studios, London (2000 edition)

Who Do We Think We Are is the 7th studio album by the English hard rock band Deep Purple, released in 1973. It was Deep Purple's last album with singer Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover until 1984’s Perfect Strangers.

Musically, the record showed a move to a more blues based sound, even featuring scat singing. Although its production and the band's behavior after its release showed the group in turmoil, with frontman Gillan remarking that "we'd all had major illnesses" and felt considerable fatigue, the album was a commercial success. Deep Purple became the US's top selling artist of calendar year 1973. The album also featured the energetic hard rock single "Woman from Tokyo", which has been performed on several tours by the band over the years.

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