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Dio - Killing the Dragon (2002)

Dio - Killing the Dragon (2002)


All lyrics by Ronnie James Dio, music as stated. The "Limited Tour Edition" came in a slipcase with poster and added two bonus tracks. These bonus tracks are Ronnie James Dio performing live with Deep Purple and first appeared on Deep Purple's 2001 album Live at the Rotterdam Ahoy.

1. "Killing the Dragon" Bain, Dio 4:25
2. "Along Comes a Spider" Doug Aldrich, Bain, Dio 3:32
3. "Scream" Aldrich, Bain, Dio 5:02
4. "Better in the Dark" Bain, Dio 3:43
5. "Rock & Roll" Bain, Dio, Craig Goldy 6:11
6. "Push" Bain, Dio, Goldy 4:08
7. "Guilty" Bain, Dio 4:25
8. "Throw Away Children" Dio, Goldy 5:35
9. "Before the Fall" Bain, Dio 3:48
10. "Cold Feet" Bain, Dio 4:11

Bonus tracks

11. "Fever Dreams (Live)" Dio  
12. "Rainbow in the Dark (Live)" Vinny Appice, Bain, Vivian Campbell, Dio

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