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Iron Maiden - Dance of Death (2003)

 Iron Maiden - Dance of Death - Released Year 2003

Tracklist front / back album covers

1. "Wildest Dreams" Adrian Smith, Steve Harris 3:52
2. "Rainmaker" Dave Murray, Harris, Bruce Dickinson 3:48
3. "No More Lies" Harris 7:21
4. "Montségur" Janick Gers, Harris, Dickinson 5:50
5. "Dance of Death" Gers, Harris 8:36
6. "Gates of Tomorrow" Gers, Harris, Dickinson 5:12
7. "New Frontier" Nicko McBrain, Smith, Dickinson 5:04
8. "Paschendale" Smith, Harris 8:27
9. "Face in the Sand" Smith, Harris, Dickinson 6:31
10. "Age of Innocence" Murray, Harris 6:10
11. "Journeyman" Smith, Harris, Dickinson 7:06

Total length: 67:57

Dance of Death is the thirteenth studio album by English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released first in Japan on 2 September and then 8 September 2003 in the rest of the world excluding North America (where it was released a day later). The album was recorded on magnetic (analogue) tape.

Their second studio release since the return of vocalist Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith in 1999, the album features the band's first-ever fully acoustic track, "Journeyman", as well as "New Frontier", their only song co-written by drummer Nicko McBrain. As with Brave New World, its predecessor in 2000, the record was produced by Kevin Shirley, who has worked with Iron Maiden on all subsequent releases.

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