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Michael Schenker Group - Arachnophobiac (2003)

Michael Schenker Group - Arachnophobiac - Released Year 2003

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Music written by Michael Schenker, lyrics and vocal written by Chris Logan

"Evermore" – 5:22
"Illusion" – 5:24
"Arachnophobiac" – 4:46
"Rock and Roll Believer" – 4:07
"Sands of Time" – 4:38
"Weathervane" – 5:02
"Over Now" – 5:47
"One World" – 4:06
"Break the Cycle" – 3:50
"Alive" – 4:50
"Fatal Strike" – 4:25

Arachnophobiac is the eleventh full-length studio album recorded by the various M.S.G. lineups and the eighth studio album by the German hard rock band Michael Schenker Group released in 2003 . After exiting UFO, rumors spread about Schenker's health and well-being. But the longtime guitar hero silenced his doubters with an extensive tour, as well as an all-new solo release. The album was recorded with Michael Schenker on guitars, Chris Logan on vocals, Stuart Hamm on bass guitar and Jeremy Colson on drums.

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