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Pantera - I Am the Night (1985)

Pantera - I Am the Night (1985)

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one
1. "Hot and Heavy"   4:06
2. "I Am the Night"   4:27
3. "Onward We Rock!"   3:56
4. "D*G*T*T*M" (Darrell Goes to the Movies)   1:43
5. "Daughters of the Queen"   4:16

Side two
6. "Down Below"   2:49
7. "Come-On Eyes"   4:13
8. "Right on the Edge"   4:06
9. "Valhalla"   4:05
10. "Forever Tonight"   4:10

Total length:   37:51

Pantera Band Members / Musicians
Terrence Lee – vocals
Diamond Darrell – guitar
Rex Rocker – bass
Vinnie Paul – drums

Jerry Abbott – producer, engineer, mixing
Tom Coyne – mastering
Recorded and mixed at Pantego Sound, Pantego, Texas

I Am the Night is the 3rd studio album by American heavy metal band Pantera, released in 1985 through Metal Magic Records. It was made available only on vinyl and cassette, with any subsequent CD releases being bootlegs transferred from the vinyl or tape originals. It was the last Pantera album to feature lead singer Terry Glaze, as well as their last to feature a glam metal sound. The band made their second music video for the track "Hot and Heavy".

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