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R.E.M. - Up (1998)

R.E.M. - Up (1998)

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R.E.M. - Up
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Up Side
"Airportman" – 4:12
"Lotus" – 4:30
"Suspicion" – 5:36
"Hope" – 5:02
"At My Most Beautiful" – 3:35
"The Apologist" – 4:30
"Sad Professor" – 4:01
"You're in the Air" – 5:22

Down Side
"Walk Unafraid" – 4:31
"Why Not Smile" – 4:03
"Daysleeper" – 3:40
"Diminished" – 6:01
Includes a hidden track entitled "I'm Not Over You" starting at 5:00, with Stipe soloing on acoustic guitar, after the song's conclusion.
"Parakeet" – 4:09
"Falls to Climb" – 5:06

R.E.M. Band Members / Musicians

Peter Buck – guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, percussion

Mike Mills – bass guitar, keyboards, guitar, backing vocals

Michael Stipe – lead vocals, guitar

Nigel Godrich – engineering
Barrett Martin – drums, percussion
Pat McCarthy – production
Scott McCaughey – keyboards, percussion
Joey Waronker – drums, percussion

Up is the 11th studio album by American rock band R.E.M., released on October 26, 1998 by Warner Bros. Records. It was the band's first album without original drummer Bill Berry, who retired from the group in October 1997, and recorded as a three-piece. In his place, R.E.M. used session drummers and drum machines. It is also their second longest record with total track time of 64 minutes, 1 minute shorter than their previous and last album recorded with Bill Berry, New Adventures in Hi-Fi. The band has said that the album probably would have sounded the same with Berry, as first rehearsals and sessions with him have commenced, but his departure almost broke them and "hung over" on the resulting late recordings with drum machines and session drummers like Barrett Martin and Joey Waronker.

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