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Scorpions - Animal Magnetism (1980)

 Scorpions - Animal Magnetism - Released Year 1980

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Side one

1. "Make It Real" Herman Rarebell Rudolf Schenker 3:49
2. "Don't Make No Promises (Your Body Can't Keep)" Rarebell Matthias Jabs 2:55
3. "Hold Me Tight" Klaus Meine, Rarebell Schenker 3:53
4. "Twentieth Century Man" Meine Schenker 3:00
5. "Lady Starlight" Meine Schenker 6:15

Side two

6. "Falling in Love" Rarebell Rarebell 4:09
7. "Only a Man" Meine, Rarebell Schenker 3:32
8. "The Zoo" Meine Schenker 5:28

9. "Animal Magnetism" Meine, Rarebell Schenker 5:56

Animal Magnetism is the seventh studio album by German rock band Scorpions, released in 1980. The RIAA certified the record as Gold on 8 March 1984, and Platinum on 28 October 1991.

In the 2001 remaster edition by EMI, an extra track "Hey You" (rare single), sung by Rudolf Schenker is included (although Klaus Meine can still be heard doing backing vocals on the track). The song was originally recorded during the Lovedrive sessions in 1978 and released two years later as side-A (together with "The Zoo" as side-B). A shorter remix from 1989 was used on the 2001 and 2015 reissues instead of the longer original single version

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