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Status Quo - In The Army Now (1986)

Status Quo - In The Army Now (1986)

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Status Quo - In the army now
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Side one
1. "Rollin' Home"   4:26
2. "Calling"   4:04
3. "In Your Eyes"   5:08
4. "Save Me"   4:25
5. "In the Army Now"   4:41

Side two
6. "Dreamin'"   2:55
7. "End of the Line"   4:59
8. "Invitation"   3:16
9. "Red Sky"   4:14
10. "Speechless"   3:41
11. "Overdose"   5:25

Total length:   47:13

Status Quo Band Members / Musicians
Francis Rossi – guitar, vocals
Rick Parfitt – guitar, vocals
Jeff Rich – drums
Andrew Bown – keyboards, backing vocals
John "Rhino" Edwards - bass, backing vocals

Pip Williams – producer

Dave Edmunds – producer (on "Rollin' Home" and "Red Sky")

Tim 'Ted' Summerhayes – recording engineer (except "Rollin' Home" and "Red Sky")

Simon Sullivan – remix engineer (on "Calling", "In Your Eyes", "Save Me" and "In the Army Now")

Gordon Vicary – mastering (at Townhouse Studios, London)

Mark Wilkinson – sleeve design

In the Army Now is the 17th studio album by the English rock band Status Quo, released on 29 August 1986 by Vertigo Records. Recorded at Chipping Norton Recording Studios in Oxfordshire and Jacobs Studios in Surrey, it was the first album with the post-Live Aid lineup, featuring bassist Rhino Edwards and drummer Jeff Rich, both of whom joined in March 1986.

"I was later told that nobody at the label was interested in a Quo featuring bassist Alan Lancaster and Rick Parfitt," recalled frontman Francis Rossi. "They wanted Parfitt and me. I also learned that unless we did something together, we'd have to pay back a shitload of money... I was adamant that I would never work with Lancaster again, but he warned us that he would injunct us if we tried to do it without him. And when we won he went fucking bananas."

The album contains covers of "In the Army Now", first recorded in 1981 by Dutch duo Rob and Ferdi Bolland, and "Speechless", from ex-Mott the Hoople singer Ian Hunter's 1983 album All of the Good Ones Are Taken.

"The title song was great," Parfitt later observed of the album, "but it had too many fillers."

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