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Status Quo - In Search of the Fourth Chord (2007)

Status Quo - In Search of the Fourth Chord (2007)

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Status Quo - In Search of the Fourth Chord
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"Beginning of the End" (Francis Rossi, John Edwards) – 4:23

"Alright" (Rick Parfitt, Wayne Morris) – 4:12

"Pennsylvania Blues Tonight" (Rossi, Bob Young) – 3:44

"I Don't Wanna Hurt You Anymore" (Rossi, Young) – 4:00

"Electric Arena" (Rossi, Young) – 5:25

"Gravy Train" (Edwards) – 3:23

"Figure of Eight" (Andy Bown) – 4:08

"You're the One for Me" (Matt Letley) – 3:30

"My Little Heartbreaker" (Rossi, Young) – 3:50

"Hold Me" (Rick Parfitt, Simon Climie, Wayne Morris) – 4:33

"Saddling Up" (Rossi, Bown) – 3:42

"Bad News" (Edwards) – 5:05

"Tongue Tied" (Rossi, Young) – 4:21

UK bonus track
"I Ain't Wastin' My Time" (Rossi, Young) – 3:36
Europe bonus track (excluding France)
"One by One" (Parfitt, Young) – 4:12

Status Quo Band Members / Musicians
Francis Rossi - vocals, lead guitar
Rick Parfitt - vocals, guitar
John Edwards - bass, vocals
Andy Bown - keyboards
Matt Letley - drums

Gregg Jackman – Logic programming
Pip Williams – additional guitars
Chloe du Pré – choir (track 13), cello (track 14, European edition)
Freddie Edwards – guitars and solo (track 12)
Daniel Jackman – second bass (track 13)
Laura Macara – choir (track 13)
Kevin McAlea – keyboards (track 4)
Bob Young – harmonica (tracks 3 and 9, and track 14, UK edition)
Recorded at Hear No Evil Studios, London[6] and Francis Rossi's "ARSIS" Studios ("A Roof Somewhere In Surrey"), Surrey

In Search of the Fourth Chord is the 28th studio album by English rock band Status Quo, released on 17 September 2007. The title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the rumour that the group always plays the same three chords, and a reference to the album In Search of the Lost Chord by British rock band the Moody Blues. The album's artwork is a parody of the Indiana Jones films.

The album saw the return of producer Pip Williams for the first time since 1996's Don't Stop. It entered the UK album charts at number 15.

The track "Bad News" also marks bassist John "Rhino" Edwards' first lead vocal on an original Status Quo song: his son Freddie also plays the guitar solo on the track. This track and "Gravy Train" (sung by Parfitt) are also the first two Status Quo tracks that were written solely by Rhino.

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