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Supertramp - Free as a Bird (1987)

 Supertramp - Free as a Bird - Released Year 1987

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one
1. "It's Alright"   5:01
2. "Not the Moment"   4:37
3. "It Doesn't Matter"   4:53
4. "Where I Stand"   3:42
5. "Free as a Bird"    4:25

Side two
6. "I'm Beggin' You"   5:30
7. "You Never Can Tell with Friends"   4:19
8. "Thing for You"   4:00
9. "An Awful Thing to Waste"   7:50

Total length:   44:17

Called in digital platforms and Supertramp's official page as "Where I Stand with you". Always titled "Where I Stand" on any CD, LP or cassette.

Supertramp Band Members / Musicians
Rick Davies – keyboards, vocals, timbales on track 1
John Helliwell – saxophone, brass
Dougie Thomson – bass
Bob Siebenberg – drums, percussion
Mark Hart – keyboards, guitars, vocals
Marty Walsh – guitar, background vocals
Lee Thornburg – trumpet, brass
Nick Lane – brass
Scott Page – brass
Lon Price – brass
David Woodford – brass
Steve Reid – percussion
Linda Foot – background vocals
Lise Miller – background vocals
Evan Rogers – background vocals
Karyn White – background vocals

Rick Davies – producer
Tom Lord-Alge – mixing, co-producer on "It's Alright"
Supertramp – producer
Norman Hall – engineer
Bob Loftus – assistant engineer
Jeff Lorenzen – assistant engineer
Bob Ludwig – original LP mastering
Greg Calbi – remastering
Jay Messina – remastering
Richard Frankel – art direction
Richard Frankel – design
Raul Vega – photography

Free as a Bird is the 9th studio album by the English rock band Supertramp, released in October 1987.

The album was a turn of direction of sorts, with most of the songs stepping back from their progressive rock sound, employing synthesised dance beats and rhythms. Chief songwriter Rick Davies later recalled, "Free as a Bird was an experiment to try and be modern and build it up with computers and drum machines and have people come in one by one, which makes you lose the band spirit a little bit." In the liner notes to the 2005 compilation Retrospectacle, Davies said, "Each time we went in, we would try to give it something a bit different. Free as a Bird was a lot more machine-based than anything we'd done before. That was good and bad, but it had some interesting songs on it."

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