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The Doors - Other Voices (1971)

 The Doors - Other Voices - Released Year 1971

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While Other Voices inside gatefold cover states "All songs written by Krieger, Densmore, Manzarek", a lyric sheet was included with early LP editions of the album that listed individual writing credits, and some early versions of the LP include these credits on the LP record labels as well. These individual credits are listed below

Side one
1. "In the Eye of the Sun" 4:48
2. "Variety Is the Spice of Life" 2:50
3. "Ships w/ Sails" 7:38
4. "Tightrope Ride" 4:15

Side two
5. "Down on the Farm" 4:15
6. "I'm Horny, I'm Stoned" 3:55
7. "Wandering Musician" 6:25
8. "Hang On to Your Life" 5:36

Other Voices is the 7th studio album by the Doors, released by Elektra Records in October 1971. It was the first album released by the band following the death of the lead singer Jim Morrison in July 1971 with keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger sharing lead vocals. Tracks for the album had begun before Morrison's death and the band hoped that Morrison would return from Paris to finish them.

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