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The Hooters - Out of Body (1993)

The Hooters - Out of Body (1993)

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"Twenty-Five Hours a Day" (Rob Hyman, Eric Bazilian, Jerry Lynn Williams - (3:50)
"Boys Will Be Boys" (Hyman, Bazilian, Cyndi Lauper) - (4:42)
"Shadow of Jesus" (Bazilian, Glenn Goss) - (5:35)
"Great Big American Car" (Hyman, Bazilian, Wendy Waldman) - (5:16)
"Private Emotion" (Hyman, Bazilian) - (3:58)
"Driftin' Away" (Hyman, Bazilian) - (4:57)
"Dancing on the Edge" (Hyman, Bazilian, John Bettis) - (3:38)
"All Around the Place" (Hyman, Bazilian) - (3:45)
"One Too Many Nights" (Hyman, Bazilian) - (4:25)
"Nobody But You" (Hyman, Bazilian, Williams) - (5:21)
"Strange Strange World" (Bonus track on Japanese release) (Hyman, Waldman) - (4:06)

Out of Body is the fifth studio album by American rock band The Hooters and was released in 1993. Out of Body marked a series of firsts for The Hooters. It was their first album for MCA Records after having released their three previous albums on Columbia Records. It was the first time they had worked with producer Joe Hardy, whose credits included ZZ Top, Steve Earle and Tom Cochrane. Also, The Hooters had become a six-piece band for the first time, after the addition of violinist and singer Mindy Jostyn.

Band members Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman first met Jostyn backstage after a 1989 Billy Joel concert at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. She was given a copy of their previous album Zig Zag and two years later, in December 1991, they called her in New York and asked to get together with them. Jostyn officially joined the band in January 1992.

The recording process for Out of Body was also significantly different than their previous efforts. Rather than allow the band to work on a song significantly before recording, as they had always done, producer Joe Hardy took tracks directly from The Hooters' demos and made them "commit and move on." The resulting album was recorded in just four weeks, whereas previous albums by the band had taken four to six months to record.

One of the songs on the album, "Private Emotion," would go on to become an international hit single for Ricky Martin in 2000, with both Hyman and Bazilian contributing to the new recording.

the biggest hit for the group from the album was "Boys Will Be Boys" that reached the young audience

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