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The Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet (1968)

 The Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet - Released Year 1968

Tracklist front / back album covers

Side one
1. "Sympathy for the Devil"   6:18
2. "No Expectations"   3:56
3. "Dear Doctor"   3:28
4. "Parachute Woman"   2:20
5. "Jigsaw Puzzle"   6:06

Total length:   22:08

Side two
1. "Street Fighting Man"   3:16
2. "Prodigal Son"   2:51
3. "Stray Cat Blues"   4:38
4. "Factory Girl"   2:09
5. "Salt of the Earth"   4:48

Total length:   17:42

The Rolling Stones Band Members / Musicians

Mick Jagger – lead vocals (all tracks), backing vocals ("Dear Doctor"), harmonica ("Parachute Woman"), maracas ("Street Fighting Man", "Stray Cat Blues"), acoustic guitar ("Jigsaw Puzzle")

Keith Richards – electric guitars, acoustic guitars, slide guitar ("Salt of the Earth”, “Jigsaw Puzzle"), bass guitar ("Sympathy for the Devil", "Street Fighting Man", "Stray Cat Blues"), backing vocals ("Sympathy for the Devil", "Dear Doctor", "Salt of the Earth"), opening lead vocals ("Salt of the Earth")

Brian Jones – slide guitar ("No Expectations"), acoustic guitar ("Sympathy For The Devil", "Parachute Woman"), harmonica ("Dear Doctor", "Parachute Woman", "Prodigal Son"), Mellotron ("Jigsaw Puzzle", "Stray Cat Blues"), sitar ("Street Fighting Man"), tambura ("Street Fighting Man"), backing vocals ("Sympathy for the Devil")

Bill Wyman – bass guitar, double bass ("Dear Doctor"), backing vocals ("Sympathy for the Devil"), shekere ("Sympathy for the Devil"), maracas ("Sympathy for the Devil")

Charlie Watts – drums, claves ("No Expectations"), tambourine ("Dear Doctor"), tabla ("Factory Girl"), backing vocals ("Sympathy for the Devil")

Nicky Hopkins – piano ("Sympathy for the Devil", "No Expectations", "Dear Doctor", "Jigsaw Puzzle", "Street Fighting Man", "Stray Cat Blues", "Salt of the Earth"), Mellotron ("Factory Girl"), Farfisa organ ("No Expectations")

Rocky Dzidzornu – congas ("Sympathy for the Devil", "Stray Cat Blues", "Factory Girl")

Ric Grech – fiddle ("Factory Girl")

Dave Mason – shehnai ("Street Fighting Man")

Jimmy Miller – backing vocals ("Sympathy for the Devil")

Watts Street Gospel Choir – backing vocals ("Salt of the Earth")

Anita Pallenberg, Marianne Faithfull – backing vocals ("Sympathy for the Devil")

Barry Feinstein- photography and art design

Beggars Banquet is the 7th British and 9th American studio album by the English rock band the Rolling Stones, released on 6 December 1968 by Decca Records in the United Kingdom and London Records in the United States. It was the first Rolling Stones album produced by Jimmy Miller, whose production work formed a key aspect of the group's sound throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Brian Jones, the band's founder and early leader, had become increasingly unreliable in the studio due to his drug use, and it was the last Rolling Stones album to be released during his lifetime, though he also contributed to two songs on their next album Let It Bleed, which was released after his death. (Jones did, however, contribute to the group's hit song "Jumpin' Jack Flash", which was part of the same sessions, and released in May 1968.) Nearly all rhythm and lead guitar parts were recorded by Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones' other guitarist and the primary songwriting partner of their lead singer Mick Jagger; together the two wrote all but one of the tracks on the album. Rounding out the instrumentation were bassist Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts, though all members contributed on a variety of instruments. As with most albums of the period, frequent collaborator Nicky Hopkins played piano on many of the tracks.

Beggars Banquet marked a change in direction for the band following the psychedelic pop of their previous two albums, Between the Buttons and Their Satanic Majesties Request. Styles such as roots rock and a return to the blues rock sound that had marked early Stones recordings dominate the record, and the album is among the most instrumentally experimental of the band's career, as they use Latin beats and instruments like the claves alongside South Asian sounds from the tanpura, tabla and shehnai, and African music-influenced conga rhythms.

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