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Anthrax - Spreading the Disease (1985)

Anthrax - Spreading the Disease (1985)

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Side one
1. "A.I.R." 5:45
2. "Lone Justice"   4:36
3. "Madhouse" 4:19
4. "S.S.C./Stand or Fall"     4:08
5. "The Enemy" 5:25

Side two
6. "Aftershock"  4:28
7. "Armed and Dangerous"    5:43
8. "Medusa"     4:44
9. "Gung-Ho"      4:34

30th Anniversary Edition disc 1  bonus track
10. "Medusa" (Joey Belladonna demo)  

30th Anniversary Edition disc 2 tracks
1. "A.I.R." (Live at Sun Plaza, Tokyo 1987)  
2. "Metal Thrashing Mad" (Live at Sun Plaza, Tokyo 1987)  
3. "The Enemy" (Live at Sun Plaza, Tokyo 1987)  
4. "Madhouse" (Live at Sun Plaza, Tokyo 1987)  
5. "Howling Furies" (Live at Sun Plaza, Tokyo 1987)  
6. "Armed And Dangerous" (Live at Sun Plaza, Tokyo 1987)  
7. "Gung-Ho" (Live at Sun Plaza, Tokyo 1987)  
8. "Soldiers of Metal" (Live at Sun Plaza, Tokyo 1987)  
9. "Lone Justice" (Rhythm track)  
10. "Gung-Ho" (Rhythm track, 1984)  
11. "Metal Thrashing Mad" (Rhythm track, 1984)  
12. "Raise Hell" (Rhythm track, 1984)  
13. "Stand or Fall" (Rhythm track, 1984)  
14. "Aftershock" (Rhythm track, 1984)  
15. "Armed And Dangerous" (Rhythm track, 1984)  
16. "Madhouse" (Rhythm track, 1984)  
17. "The Enemy" (Rhythm track, 1984)  

Anthrax Band Members
Joey Belladonna – lead vocals
Dan Spitz – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Scott Ian – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals
Frank Bello – bass, backing vocals
Charlie Benante – drums

Spreading the Disease is the 2nd studio album by the American thrash metal band Anthrax, released on October 30, 1985 by Megaforce Records and Island Records. It was the band's first album to feature vocalist Joey Belladonna and bassist Frank Bello. A special two-disc edition of the album was released in 2015, celebrating its 30th anniversary.

After Anthrax finished touring in support of Fistful of Metal, vocalist Neil Turbin was expelled from the band. Matt Fallon replaced him, but was quickly fired because he lacked confidence in the studio. Producer Carl Canedy suggested the group to audition Joey Belladonna, who was not familiar with thrash metal. Though the band members were not pleased with Belladonna's musical background, they hired him and booked a few shows with their new frontman. Spreading the Disease was recorded at the Pyramid Sound Studios in Ithaca, New York with Canedy, while Jon Zazula served as executive producer. The album featured the single "Madhouse", for which a music video was produced, but it did not receive much airplay on MTV, because the station believed the content was degrading to the mentally insane. Spreading the Disease was the band's major label debut and was released by Megaforce / Island Records.

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