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Celtic Frost - Into the Pandemonium (1987)

Celtic Frost - Into the Pandemonium (1987)

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Side One
1. "Mexican Radio" (Wall of Voodoo cover)     3:28
2. "Mesmerized"     3:24
3. "Inner Sanctum"     5:14
4. "Sorrows of the Moon"     3:04
5. "Babylon Fell"     4:18

Side Two
6. "Caress into Oblivion"     5:10
7. "One in Their Pride"     2:50
8. "I Won't Dance" Warrior     4:31
9. "Rex Irae (Requiem)"     5:57
10. "Oriental Masquerade"     1:15

Celtic Frost Band Members
Thomas Gabriel Warrior – vocals, guitars, synthesizers, effects
Martin Eric Ain – bass, effects, backing vocals
Reed St. Mark – drums, percussions, synthesizers, effects, backing vocals
Manü Moan – vocals (track 4)
Andreas Dobler – guitars (tracks 9, 10, 14, 15)
Lothar Krist – orchestral arrangements, conductor (tracks 4, 10, 11)
Malgorzata Blaiejewska Woller, Eva Cieslinski – violins (tracks 4, 10, 11)
Wulf Ebert – cello (tracks 4, 10, 11)
Gypsy- viola (tracks 4, 10, 11)
Anton Schreiber – French horn (tracks 10, 11)
Thomas Berter – backing vocals (track 1)
Claudia-Maria Mokri – backing vocals (tracks 2, 5, 10)
H.C. 1922 – backing vocals (track 8)
Marchain Regee Rotschy – backing vocals (track 13)

Into the Pandemonium is the second studio album by Swiss extreme metal band Celtic Frost, released in 1987. The album is more varied than Celtic Frost's past LPs, with unlikely covers (Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio"), emotionally charged love songs, the album's recurring industrial-influenced rhythmic songs of demons and destruction, traditional Frost-styled songs about dreams and fear, and a dark, classical piece with female vocals.

The album is vastly different from the band's previous work which cemented its late 1980s avant-garde metal term; it is also a departure from the style found on the band's previous albums, Morbid Tales and To Mega Therion that Celtic Frost had become known for. However, it does have the recurring symphonic elements found on previous albums. The album has a more classic heavy metal style within the songs with elements of industrial, classical, gothic rock and doom metal. Eduardo Rivadavia of AllMusic called it "one of the classic extreme metal albums of all time."

After a subsequent North American tour (which saw the addition of a second guitarist, Ron Marks to the groups ranks), financial trouble, personal tension between the band members and an ill-fated relationship with their record label led to a complete dissolution of the band. Six months later, Warrior decided to reform the band with Stephen Priestly back on drums, Oliver Amberg on guitars and Curt Victor Bryant on bass. The resulting album "Cold Lake" was a disappointment to most of the group's established fan-base but achieved notable success in the North American market. Bryant fired Amberg and former live guitarist Ron Marks returned as a guest for the recording of "Vanity / Nemesis" in 1990. The most significant change, however, was the return of early bassist Martin Eric Ain. But Celtic Frost's reputation did not fully recover. The group’s next (and, as it would turn out, last for several years) album was a collection of rare and unreleased recordings called "Parched With Thirst Am I and Dying" in 1992. The compilation's title was inspired by an old Roman prayer. It featured unreleased material, re-recorded versions of older songs and some studio session versions, closing the chapter on one of the most important underground and experimental bands of all time.

Years Active
1984 – 2008 (24 years)

Founded In
Zurich, Zürich, Switzerland

Celtic Frost Members
Curt Victor Bryant (1988 – 1993)
Martin Eric Ain
Oliver Amberg (1988 – 1989)
Reed St. Mark (1985 – 1992)
Ron Marks (1987 – 1990)
Steven Priestly (1986 – 1992)
Thomas Gabriel Warrior (1984 – 2008)

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