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Diafana Krina - Egine i apolia sinithia mas (Loss became our habit) (1996)

Diafana Krina - Egine i apolia sinithia mas (Loss became our habit) (1996)

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1. Meres argias - Μέρες αργίας

2. I gineka pou diavaze poiimata - Η γυναίκα που διάβαζε ποιήματα

3. Klooun tin Tetarti tin Kiriaki nekros - Κλόουν την Τετάρτη την Κυριακή νεκρός

4. Rikste tis kardies sas sta skilia - Ρίξτε τις καρδιές σας στα σκυλιά

5. I giorti - Η γιορτή

6. Mizero fos - Μίζερο φως

7. Opos ta hionia - Όπως τα χιόνια

8. D. - Δ.

9. Egine i apolia sinithia mas - Έγινε η απώλεια συνήθειά μας

10. Aperanti thlimeni Antarktiki - Απέραντη θλιμμένη Ανταρκτική

11. Dipla sou san... panta - Δίπλα σου σαν... πάντα

12. Afto to tragoudi den einai gia sena - Αυτό το τραγούδι δεν είναι για σένα

13. Farmakomeni - Φαρμακωμένη

14. Teleftea mera - Τελευταία μέρα

Diafana Krina (Greek: Διάφανα Κρίνα, which means in English: Transparent Lilies) was a Greek rock group. It consisted of Thanos Anestopoulos (vocals, acoustic guitar, piano), Pantelis Rodostoglou (bass), Nikos Bardis (electric guitar, trumpet), Kyriakos Tsoukalas (electric guitar), Tassos Machas (drums) and (from 1996 until 2000) Panagiotis Berlis (keyboards, vocals). Their special characteristic (apart from their distinct baritone voice of Anestopoulos) is that they set to music poems (most written by bassist Rodostoglou) rather than usual lyrics.

Diafana Krina, Greek for "transparent lilies," formed in 1991. In 1994, they released their first single 'Λιώνοντας μόνος-κάτω από το ηφαίστειο' (Greek for "Melting alone-under the volcano") by Wipe Out. They followed this in 1996 with the LP 'Έγινε η απώλεια συνήθειά μας', which featured Panagiotis Berlis (keyboards/vocals) as the sixth member of the group. In 1997, they participated in the 'Rock of Gods' festival in Athens together with The Sisters of Mercy and New Model Army. In 1998, they released their second LP 'Κάτι σαράβαλες καρδιές' and performed in several concerts around Greece. They also toured as a supporting act for the Tindersticks Athens concert. In 2000, after Panagiotis Berlis departed from the group, they released a single 'Είναι που όλα ήρθαν αργά' and album 'Ευωδιάζουν αγριοκέρασα οι σιωπές'.

In 2001, they performed three concerts in the UK: (London at Dingwalls, Manchester at The Roadhouse and Brighton at Concorde 2). In 2003, the LP 'Ο,τι απόμεινε απ' την ευτυχία' was released, followed by the 2005 instrumental LP 'Ο γύρος της μέρας σε 80 κόσμους' (Greek for "Around the day in 80 worlds", inspired by the title of Jules Verne's famous story Around the World in Eighty Days). It was released together with a book containing poetry and tales. On June 1st 2009, the band announced their disbandment. The statement was signed by all band members apart from Anestopoulos.

Anestopoulos succumbed to cancer in September 2016.

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