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Insomnium - Winter's Gate (2016)

Insomnium - Winter's Gate (2016)

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Lyrics written by Niilo Sevänen, music composed by Ville Friman, Markus Vanhala and Sevänen

1. "Winter's Gate"
"Part 1" (Slaughter Moon)
"Part 2" (The Golden Wolf, Part I)
"Part 3" (The Golden Wolf, Part II)
"Part 4" (At the Gates of Winter)
"Part 5" (The Gate Opens, Part I)
"Part 6" (The Gate Opens, Part II)
"Part 7" (The Final Stand / Into the Sleep)"

Niilo Sevänen – lead vocals, bass
Ville Friman – guitars, clean vocals
Markus Vanhala – guitars
Markus Hirvonen – drums
Teemu Aalto – backing vocals
Insomnium – arrangements
Teemu Aalto – arrangements
Aleksi Munter – keyboard composition, keyboard arrangements
Ville Friman – keyboard composition
Markus Vanhala – keyboard composition
Niilo Sevänen – keyboard composition

Winter's Gate is the seventh studio album by the Finnish melodic death metal band Insomnium. It was released worldwide on September 23, 2016 via Century Media Records. It is a concept album said to be about “a group of Vikings who set out to find a fabled island west of Ireland, despite the treacherous winter drawing near.”

The album consists of a single 40-minute track. For streaming and download services, it was split into seven separate tracks despite containing six movements denoted in the lyrics. These movements are noted in the tracklist below. For vinyl, the song was split across sides between parts 3 and 4.

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