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Lucifer's Friend - Sneak Me In (1980)

Lucifer's Friend - Sneak Me In (1980)

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Side One

1. "Goodbye Girls" 4:05
2. "Sneak Me In" 3:11
3. "Foxy Lady" 4:30
4. "Love Hymn" 5:16

Side Two

5. "Stardancer" 5:14
6. "Indian Summer" 5:16
7. "Don't You Know what I Like" 3:58
8. "Cosmic Crusader" 4:55

Mike Starrs – lead vocals
Peter Hesslein – guitars, backing vocals
Peter Hecht – keyboards
Adrian Askew – keyboards, backing vocals
Dieter Horns – bass, backing vocals
Herbert Bornholdt – drums & percussion

Sneak Me In is the seventh album by Lucifer's Friend, an album in which Mike Starrs, formerly of Colosseum II, replaced John Lawton on vocals for a second time. This album and the previous Good Time Warrior (1978) were an attempt at a more commercial, accessible style which met with limited success. Starrs was replaced by the returning Lawton, for 1981's Mean Machine.

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