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Moby Grape - Moby Grape '69 (1969)

Moby Grape - Moby Grape '69 (1969)

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Side one

"Ooh Mama Ooh" (Jerry Miller, Don Stevenson) – 2:26
"Ain't That a Shame" (Jerry Miller, Don Stevenson, Peter Lewis) – 2:28
"I Am Not Willing" (Peter Lewis) – 2:58
"It's a Beautiful Day Today" (Bob Mosley) – 3:06
"Hoochie" (Bob Mosley) – 4:21

Side two

"Trucking Man" (Bob Mosley) – 2:00
"If You Can't Learn from My Mistakes" (Peter Lewis) – 2:33
"Captain Nemo" (Jerry Miller, Don Stevenson) – 1:43
"What's to Choose" (Peter Lewis) – 1:57
"Going Nowhere" (Jerry Miller, Don Stevenson) – 2:01
"Seeing" (Skip Spence) – 3:44

Peter Lewis - rhythm guitar, vocals
Jerry Miller - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley - bass, vocals
Don Stevenson - drums, vocals
Skip Spence - vocals and unknown instruments (on "Seeing")

Moby Grape '69 is the third album by the psychedelic rock band Moby Grape, released in January 30, 1969.

It is the first album after the departure of co-founder Skip Spence. Spence nonetheless is heard on one song, "Seeing", presumably from the Wow/Grape Jam sessions, and positioned as the final song on Moby Grape '69. As Peter Lewis describes the album, "We made Moby Grape '69, in an attempt to rebound from the Wow album, which was over-produced. And it's a cool album. Although we could have rehearsed it a little more, we still believed in it. But I think we were waiting for Skippy to come back, and he never did."

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