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The Troggs (also known as The Troglodytes) - Trogglodynamite (1967)

The Troggs (also known as The Troglodytes) - Trogglodynamite (1967)

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Side 1

"I Can Only Give You Everything" (Tommy Scott, Phil Coulter) — 3:24
"Last Summer" (Reg Presley) — 2:55
"Meet Jaсqueline" (Albert Hammond) — 2:14
"Oh No" (Pete Staples) — 2:05
"It's Too Late" (Ronnie Bond) — 2:08
"No. 10 Downing Street" (Larry Page, David Matthews) — 2:15
"Mona (I Need You Baby)" (Bo Diddley) — 5:09

Side 2

"I Want You to Come into My Life" (Reg Presley) — 2:25
"Let Me Tell You Babe" (Joe Sherman, George David Weiss) — 2:49
"Little Queenie" (Chuck Berry) — 2:51
"Cousin Jane" (Larry Page, David Matthews) — 2:25
"You Can't Beat It" (Reg Presley) — 2:21
"Baby Come Closer" (Terry Dwyer, Jack Price) — 2:33
"It's Over" (Reg Presley) — 2:11

Reg Presley — lead vocals
Chris Britton — guitar, backing vocals
Pete Staples — bass, backing vocals
Ronnie Bond — drums, lead vocals on "It's Too Late"

Trogglodynamite is the 2nd studio album by the English rock band The Troggs, released in 1967 (picture shows the German edition, the UK version had a completely different cover). The album was re-released in 2003 with eight bonus tracks by Repertoire Records.

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