Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Troggs - The Troggs (1975)

The Troggs - The Troggs (1975)

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Disk 1

1. I Got Lovin' If You Want It 3:25
2. Good Vibrations 3:18
3. No Particular Place To Go 2:43
4. Summertime     4:12
5. Satisfaction     5:30

Disk 2

1. Full Blooded Band      4:06
2. Memphis Tennessee 3:26
3. Peggy Sue 2:38
4. Jenny Come Down     2:10
5. Wild Thing 3:24

The Troggs are widely seen as a highly influential band whose sound was an inspiration for garage rock and punk rock. Influential American critic Lester Bangs "called the band the progenitors of punk", according to NPR. For example, the Troggs influenced artists such as Iggy Pop, and the early version of British pop-punk pioneers Buzzcocks featured "I Can't Control Myself" in their live repertoire. The Ramones are also among the punk bands who cited the Troggs as an influence. "I Can't Control Myself" is perhaps the most enduring favourite of critics; it continues to be championed for its originality and lasting influence by radio hosts such as "Little" Steven Van Zandt.

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