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Turbonegro - RockNRoll Machine (2018)

Turbonegro - RockNRoll Machine (2018)

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Chrome Ozone Creation (The Rock And Roll Machine Suite Part I) 2:00
Part II: Well Hello 1:54
Part III: RockNRoll Machine 3:41
Hurry Up & Die      3:27
Fist City     3:19
Skinhead Rock & Roll 4:19
Hot For Nietzsche   5:32
On The Rag  3:33
Let The Punishment Fit The Behind      3:23
John Carpenter Powder Ballad     4:28
Special Education  3:25

Turbonegro's first show was played in March 1989 at Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen, Denmark. By April, the band for the first time played their hometown, Oslo. In the following weeks, they recorded their debut single Route Zero and additional songs for their Turboloid 12" EP. Both records were released by Thomas Seltzer's label, Straitjacket Records, which he started in 1983 to release the EP of his first band Akutt Innleggelse. The first session was recorded at Nesodden Musikkverksted by Christian Calmeyer. Seltzer played bass and drums on Route Zero. An initial pressing of 50 copies came with an exclusive demo tape called Computech, featuring a cover of The Stooges' 1970.

The early pre-deathpunk Turbonegro sound featured fairly tormented and distorted noise rock (contemporary reviews compared the band's sound to Halo of Flies or early Mudhoney). Turboloid was the second and last release by the original lineup. Drummer Carlos Carrasco left to play guitar for Anal Babes.

In 1990, Route Zero was reissued by Sympathy for the Record Industry with two additional songs from the Turboloid EP. In September of that year, Turbonegro left for a three-week tour of the United States. Hours after their arrival in Minneapolis, Grønn was beaten by local denizens and, as a result, hospitalized. The band continued touring without him, but the tour was unsuccessful. Three weeks after the tour began, the band returned to Oslo.

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