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Hawkwind - Blood of the Earth (2010)

Hawkwind - Blood of the Earth (2010)

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Hawkwind - Blood of the Earth

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Disc 1

1. "Seahawks"   6:14

2. "Blood of the Earth"   2:59

3. "Wraith"   6:07

4. "Green Machine"   4:04

5. "Inner Visions"   4:29

6. "Sweet Obsession"   4:45

7. "Comfy Chair"   4:54

8. "Prometheus"   5:48

9. "You’d Better Believe It"   7:11

10. "Sentinel"   6:03

Bonus tracks

11. "Starshine"    7:11

12. "Sunship" (on vinyl editions)   2:54

Disc 2 – (Live)

"Space" (Brock)

"Angels of Death" (Brock)

"Wraith" (Darbyshire, Hone, Blake, Chadwick)

"Tide of the Century" (Blake)

"Magnu" (Brock)

"Levitation" (Brock)

"Long Gone" (Syd Barrett)

Hawkwind Band Members

Dave Brock – guitar, keyboards, vocals

Niall Hone – guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, sampling

Mr. Dibs – bass guitar, vocals

Tim Blake – keyboards

Richard Chadwick – drums, vocals

Matthew Wright - vocals on "Blood of the Earth"

Jason Stuart - keyboards on "Starshine"

Jon Sevink - violin on Live CD

Blood of the Earth is the 26th studio album by the British space rock group Hawkwind, released on 21 June 2010.

Although it is a new studio album, there are some new versions of older songs. "You’d Better Believe It" was originally released on their 1974 album Hall of the Mountain Grill, and "Sweet Obsession" was originally released on Dave Brock's 1984 solo album Earthed to the Ground.

There is a limited 2CD edition, containing live tracks and an interview. "Tide of the Century" was originally recorded by Tim Blake on his 2000 solo album The Tide of the Century. The cover version of "Long Gone" was recorded for Mojo's Syd Barrett special edition of The Madcap Laughs.

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