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Porcupine Tree - The Incident (2009)

Porcupine Tree - The Incident (2009)

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Porcupine Tree - The Incident

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Disc one

1. "The Incident"

I. "Occam's Razor"

II. "The Blind House"

III. "Great Expectations"

IV. "Kneel and Disconnect"

V. "Drawing the Line"

VI. "The Incident"

VII. "Your Unpleasant Family"

VIII. "The Yellow Windows of the Evening Train"

IX. "Time Flies"

X. "Degree Zero of Liberty"

XI. "Octane Twisted"

XII. "The Séance"

XIII. "Circle of Manias"

XIV. "I Drive the Hearse"

Disc two

1. "Flicker"   3:42

2. "Bonnie the Cat"   5:45

3. "Black Dahlia"   3:40

4. "Remember Me Lover"   7:28

Japanese & iTunes bonus tracks

5. "Way Out of Here" (Live)   7:49

6. "What Happens Now?" (Live)   8:09

DVD-A edition

2. "Flicker"   3:42

3. "Bonnie the Cat"   5:45

4. "Black Dahlia"   3:40

5. "Remember Me Lover"   7:28

6. "Extra Features

Time Flies Video

Octane Twisted Film

TV spot

Photo Gallery"


Porcupine Tree Band Members Musicians

Porcupine Tree - arrangements

Steven Wilson - vocals, guitars, keyboards; mixing

Colin Edwin - bass; double bass

Richard Barbieri - synthesizers, keyboards

Gavin Harrison - drums, percussion

Engineers: Steve Orchard, John Wesley (engineered guitars)

Mastering: Jon Astley (stereo), Darcy Proper (5.1)

The Incident is the 10th and final studio album by British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree. It was released as double album on 14 September 2009 by Roadrunner Records. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Surround Sound Album and reached the Top 25 on both the US and UK album charts.

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