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Badfinger - Straight Up (1971)

Badfinger - Straight Up (1971)

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Badfinger - Straight Up
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Side one
1. "Take It All"   4:25
2. "Baby Blue"   3:37
3. "Money"   3:29
4. "Flying"   2:38
5. "I'd Die Babe"   2:33
6. "Name of the Game"   5:19

Side two
7. "Suitcase"   2:53
8. "Sweet Tuesday Morning"   2:31
9. "Day After Day"   3:11
10. "Sometimes"   2:56
11. "Perfection"   5:07
12. "It's Over"    3:34

1993 CD release
Tracks 1–12 per sides one and two of the original album, with the following bonus tracks:

"Money" [Original Version] (Evans) – 4:20
"Flying" [Original Version] (Evans, Molland) – 2:25
"Name of the Game" [Original Version] (Ham) – 4:27
"Suitcase" [Original Version] (Molland) – 3:20
"Perfection" [Original Version] (Ham) – 4:41
"Baby Blue" [US Single Mix] (Ham) – 3:35

2010 remaster
Tracks 1–12 per sides one and two of the original album, with the following bonus tracks:

"I'll Be the One" (Evans, Mike Gibbins, Ham, Molland) – 2:57
"Name of the Game" [Earlier Version] (Ham) – 4:24
"Baby Blue" [US Single Mix] (Ham) – 3:36
"Baby, Please" (Ham, Gibbins, Molland) – 3:05
"No Good at All" (Evans) – 2:10
"Sing for the Song" (Evans) – 3:20
Digital-download extra bonus tracks
"Money" [Earlier Version] (Evans) – 4:21
"Flying" [Earlier Version] (Molland, Evans) – 2:24
"Perfection" [Earlier Version] (Ham) – 4:40
"Suitcase" [Earlier Version] (Molland) – 3:18
"Sweet Tuesday Morning" [Earlier Version] (Molland) – 2:33
"Mean, Mean Jemima" (Molland) – 3:42
"Loving You" (Gibbins) – 2:52

Badfinger Band Members / Musicians
Pete Ham – lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, piano, organ on "Take It All", harmonica on "Perfection"
Tom Evans – lead and backing vocals, bass guitar, twelve string guitar on "Sweet Tuesday Morning" and "Perfection"
Joey Molland – lead and backing vocals, rhythm and lead guitar
Mike Gibbins – drums, percussion

George Harrison – slide guitar on "Day After Day", guitar on "I'd Die Babe"
Leon Russell – piano on "Day After Day", guitar on "Suitcase"
Bobby Diebold – bass guitar on "Suitcase"
Keith H - bass guitar session assistant
Klaus Voormann – electric piano on "Suitcase"
Gary Wright - piano on "Name of the Game" (unconfirmed)
Al Kooper - piano on "Name of the Game" (earlier version)
Bill Collins – accordion on "Sweet Tuesday Morning"

Todd Rundgren – producer (tracks 1–4, 8, 10–12)
George Harrison – producer (tracks 5–7, 9)
Gene Mahon – design
Richard DiLello – design, photography
Peter Mew – engineer
Mike Jarratt – engineer
Marcia McGovern – pre-production director
Roberta Ballard – production manager
CD reissue supplementary credits

Geoff Emerick – producer (bonus tracks only)
Andy Davis – liner notes
Dan Matovina – research
Ron Furmanek – mastering, research

Straight Up is the 4th studio album by British rock band Badfinger, released in December 1971 in the United States and February 1972 in Britain. Issued on the Beatles' Apple record label, it includes the hit singles "Day After Day" and "Baby Blue", and the similarly popular "Name of the Game", all of which were written by singer and guitarist Pete Ham. The album marked a departure from the more rock-oriented sound of Badfinger's previous releases, partly as a result of intervention by Apple Records regarding the band's musical direction. Although Straight Up received a mixed response from critics on release, many reviewers now regard it as the band's best album. Rolling Stone critic David Fricke has referred to it as "Badfinger's power-pop apex".

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