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Captain Beyond - Dawn Explosion (1977)

Captain Beyond - Dawn Explosion (1977)

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Captain Beyond - Dawn Explosion

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Side one

1. "Do or Die"   3:38

2. "Icarus"   4:17

3. "Sweet Dreams"   5:29

4. "Fantasy"   6:02

Side two

1. "Breath of Fire, Part 1 & Part 2"   6:19

2. "If You Please"   4:13

3. "Midnight Memories"    3:59

4. "Oblivion"   4:00

CD reissues split "Breath of Fire, Part 1 & Part 2" into two tracks (subtitled "A Speck Within a Sphere" and "Alone in the Cosmos", respectively), and "Oblivion" into three tracks (with the preceding "Space Interlude" and succeeding "Space Reprise" being the sound effects and percussion that bookend the main section of "Oblivion").

Captain Beyond Band Members / Musicians

Willy Daffern – lead vocals

Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt – lead guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar

Lee Dorman – bass, backing vocals, string ensemble synthesizer

Bobby Caldwell – drums, backing vocals, percussion

Dawn Explosion, the 3rd and final album by Captain Beyond, was released in 1977. The band had broken up four years before, but Warner Bros. Records signed a deal with the band's original label, Capricorn Records, and contacted the band members asking them to reunite. Because original singer Rod Evans could not be contacted, Captain Beyond held auditions and picked Willy Daffern to replace him. The drummer position was taken by original member Bobby Caldwell rather than his successor Marty Rodriguez.

The song "Dawn Explosion" was recorded during the album sessions but the final album did not include the track, despite taking its title from it.

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