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Counting Crows - August and Everything After (1993)

Counting Crows - August and Everything After (1993)

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Counting Crows - August and Everything After
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Standard edition
"Round Here" (Duritz, Dave Janusko, Dan Jewett, Chris Roldan, David Bryson) – 5:32
"Omaha" – 3:40
"Mr. Jones" (Duritz, Bryson) – 4:33
"Perfect Blue Buildings" – 5:01
"Anna Begins" (Duritz, Bryson, Marty Jones, Toby Hawkins, Lydia Holly) – 4:32
"Time and Time Again" (Duritz, Bryson, Charlie Gillingham, Steve Bowman, Don Dixon) – 5:13
"Rain King" (Duritz, Bryson) – 4:16
"Sullivan Street" (Duritz, Bryson) – 4:29
"Ghost Train" – 4:01
"Raining in Baltimore" – 4:41
"A Murder of One" (Duritz, Bryson, Matt Malley) – 5:44

2007 deluxe edition additional tracks
"Shallow Days" (Acoustic Demo) (Duritz, Bryson, Jones, Hawkins, Holly) – 4:50
"Mean Jumper Blues" (Acoustic Demo) (Blind Lemon Jefferson) – 4:24
"Love and Addiction" (Demo) (Duritz, Bryson, Jones, Hawkins, Holly) – 4:21
"Omaha" (Demo) – 3:18
"Shallow Days" (Demo) (Duritz, Bryson, Jones, Hawkins, Holly) – 4:41
"This Land Is Your Land" (Acoustic Demo) (Woody Guthrie) – 3:44

2007 deluxe edition bonus disc (Live at the Élysée Montmartre)
"Anna Begins" (Duritz, Bryson, Jones, Hawkins, Holly) – 5:21
"Omaha" – 3:43
"Jumping Jesus" (Tom Barnes, Jim Gordon) – 3:01
"Margery Dreams of Horses" (Duritz[9]) – 4:13
"Perfect Blue Buildings" – 5:18
"Round Here" (Duritz, Janusko, Jewett, Roldan, Bryson) – 11:45
"Rain King" (Duritz, Bryson)– 4:49
"Time and Time Again" (Duritz, Bryson, Gillingham, Bowman, Dixon) – 6:16
"Ghost Train" – 5:38
"Children in Bloom" – 5:27
"A Murder of One" (Duritz, Bryson, Malley)– 14:42
"Sullivan Street" (Duritz, Bryson) – 5:10
"The Ghost in You" (Richard Butler, Tim Butler) – 3:36

Counting Crows Band Members / Musicians
Steve Bowman – drums, vocals
David Bryson – guitars, vocals
Adam Duritz – vocals, piano, harmonica
Charlie Gillingham – piano, Hammond B3, accordion, Chamberlin, vocals
Matt Malley – bass, guitar, vocals
T Bone Burnett – guitar, producer
Bill Dillon – guitar, guitorgan
Denny Fongheiser – percussion, drums on track 3
David Immerglück – guitars, mandolins, pedal steel guitar, mandocello, vocals
Gary Louris – backing vocals
Maria McKee – backing vocals
Mark Olson – backing vocals

August and Everything After is the debut studio album by American rock band Counting Crows, released September 14, 1993, on Geffen Records. The album was produced by T Bone Burnett and featured the founding members of the band: Steve Bowman (drums), David Bryson (guitar), Adam Duritz (vocals), Charlie Gillingham (keyboards), and Matt Malley (bass). Among the several session musicians used for the album was multi-instrumentalist David Immerglück, who later joined the band as a full-time member in 1999, as well as Burnett, who also provided additional guitar work.

Counting Crows is an American rock band from Berkeley, California. Formed in 1991, the band consists of Jim Bogios (drums), David Bryson (guitar), Adam Duritz (lead vocals), Charlie Gillingham (keyboards), David Immerglück (guitar), Millard Powers (bass), and Dan Vickrey (guitar).

Counting Crows Band Members / Musicians
Jim Bogios – drums (2002–present)

David Bryson – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1991–present)

Adam Duritz – lead vocals, keyboards (1991–present)

Charlie Gillingham – keyboards, accordion, clarinet, backing vocals (1991–present)

David Immerglück – guitars, bass, pedal steel guitar, banjo, mandolin, backing vocals (1999–present, session 
member 1993–1999)

Millard Powers – bass, rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2005–present)

Dan Vickrey – lead guitar, banjo, backing vocals (1994–present)

Steve Bowman – drums (1991–1994)

Matt Malley – bass, rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (1991–2005)

Ben Mize – drums (1994–2002)

Counting Crows Discography Full - Studio albums
August and Everything After (1993)
Recovering the Satellites (1996)
This Desert Life (1999)
Hard Candy (2002)
Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings (2008)
Underwater Sunshine (or What We Did on Our Summer Vacation) (2012)
Somewhere Under Wonderland (2014)

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