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Counting Crows - Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings (2008)

Counting Crows - Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings (2008)

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Counting Crows - Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

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Saturday Nights

"1492" – 3:50 (produced by Norton and Steve Lillywhite)

"Hanging Tree" (Duritz, Dan Vickrey) – 3:50

"Los Angeles" (Duritz, Ryan Adams, Dave Gibbs) – 4:40

"Sundays" – 4:21 (produced by Norton, Dennis Herring, and David Lowery)

"Insignificant" (Duritz, Vickrey, Charles Gillingham, David Immerglück) – 4:14

"Cowboys" – 5:22

Sunday Mornings

"Washington Square" – 4:17

"On Almost Any Sunday Morning" – 2:58

"When I Dream of Michelangelo" (Duritz, Gillingham, Immerglück, Vickrey) – 3:10

"Anyone But You" (Duritz, Gillingham, Immerglück) – 5:25

"You Can't Count on Me" – 3:16

"Le Ballet D'or" (Duritz, Gillingham, Immerglück) – 5:01

"On a Tuesday in Amsterdam Long Ago" (Duritz, Gillingham) – 4:57

"Come Around" (Duritz, Vickrey) – 4:31 (produced by Norton)

Dutch bonus track

"Wennen aan September" (acoustic; featuring Bløf)

UK bonus track

"Baby, I'm a Big Star Now" – 5:59

iTunes Store bonus tracks

"There Goes Everything" (Duritz, Immerglück)

"Come Around" (acoustic version)

"Sessions" (Duritz, Gillingham, Immerglück) – 4:17

"Sunday Morning L.A." (Duritz, Gillingham, Immerglück) – 5:48

The iTunes Store version also includes a track-by-track interview with Duritz


Counting Crows Band Members / Musicians

Jim Bogios – drums, sleigh bells, tambourine, maracas, percussion, vocals

David Bryson – guitar, vocals

Adam Duritz – vocals

Charlie Gillingham – keyboards, vocals

David Immergluck – guitar, vocals

Millard Powers – bass guitar, upright double bass, vocals

Dan Vickrey – guitar, banjo, keyboard, vocals

Brian Deck – piano plucking

Dave Gibbs – vocal arrangements and backing vocals on "Los Angeles"

Dennis Herring – dobro, acoustic guitar on "Sundays"

Matt Malley – bass guitar on "Sundays" and "Baby, I'm a Big Star Now"

Ben Mize – drums on "Los Angeles", "Sundays" and "Baby, I'm a Big Star Now"

Brian Deck – Sunday Mornings (except "Come Around")

Dennis Herring – co-production on "Sundays"

Steve Lillywhite – co-production on "1492"

David Lowery – co-production on "Sundays"

Gil Norton – Saturday Nights and "Come Around", co-production on "1492" and "Sundays"

Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings is the 5th studio album by Counting Crows, released in the United States on March 25, 2008. It is thematically divided into two sides: the rock music of Saturday Nights and the more country-influenced Sunday Mornings. Vocalist and lyricist Adam Duritz states that the album "is about really wanting to mean something and failing to do it. You want your life to mean something. You want to be somebody and then what you turn out to be is so much less than what you thought you were going to be."

The Saturday Nights portion was produced by Gil Norton (who also produced the band's second album, Recovering the Satellites), while Sunday Mornings was produced by Brian Deck, perhaps best known for his production work on Modest Mouse's album The Moon and Antarctica.

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