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Curved Air - Midnight Wire (1975)

Curved Air - Midnight Wire (1975)

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Curved Air - Midnight Wire
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Side one
"Woman On A One Night Stand" (Sonja Kristina, Norma Tager) – 5:06
"Day Breaks My Heart" (Darryl Way, Tager) – 4:38
"The Fool" (Way, Mick Jacques, Tager) – 4:27
"Pipe of Dreams" (Jacques) – 3:58

Side two
"Orange Street Blues" (Way, Tager) – 5:01
"Dance of Love" (Jacques, Way, Tager) – 4:36
"Midnight Wire" (Way, Tager) – 7:32

Curved Air Band Members / Musicians
Sonja Kristina – lead vocals
Darryl Way – violin
Mick Jacques – guitars
Stewart Copeland – drums
John G. Perry – bass guitar
Peter Wood – keyboards
Derek Damain – backing vocals on "The Fool"
Will Reid-Dick - engineer
Bob Searles, Liz Gilmore - sleeve design
"Thanks to Beric Wickens, Carolann Nicholls, Ian Copeland, Miles Copeland, Moray McMillin, Nick Blackburn"

Midnight Wire is the 5th studio album by Curved Air and was recorded in 1975. It marked another line-up change in the band, with Darryl Way and Sonja Kristina recruiting new musicians after the end of the reunion tour marked by the Curved Air - Live album. Kristina's friend Norma Tager, who had helped design the costumes she wore on stage from Curved Air's reunion in 1974 to their breakup in 1976, contributed all the lyrics to the songs.

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