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Curved Air - Second Album (1971)

Curved Air - Second Album (1971)

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Curved Air - Second Album
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Side One
"Young Mother" (Darryl Way, Sonja Kristina Linwood) – 5:55
"Back Street Luv" (Way, Linwood, Ian Eyre) – 3:38
"Jumbo" (Way, Linwood) – 4:11
"You Know" (Way, Linwood) – 4:11
"Puppets" (Way, Linwood) – 5:26

Side Two
"Everdance" (Francis Monkman) – 3:08
"Bright Summer's Day '68" (Monkman) – 2:54
"Piece of Mind" (Monkman) – 12:52

Curved Air Band Members / Musicians
Sonja Kristina – lead vocals
Darryl Way – violin, backing vocals, piano (5)
Francis Monkman – guitars, keyboards, VCS3 synthesizer
Ian Eyre – bass guitar
Florian Pilkington-Miksa – drums

Colin Caldwell – engineer
Peter Zinovieff – electronics "by courtesy of"
John Kosh – album design

Second Album was the 2nd album released by British rock group Curved Air. It reached No. 11 in the UK Charts on 9 October 1971, and "Back Street Luv" became a UK No. 4 chart hit on 7 August 1971.

Both variations of the album cover include a rainbow, a reference to the album A Rainbow in Curved Air, from which the band took their name.

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