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Cyndi Lauper - Shine (2004)

Cyndi Lauper - Shine (2004)

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Cyndi Lauper - Shine

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Demonstration Cassette (2001)

(Contains Demo Versions)

"Higher Plane"

"Water's Edge"

"Rather Be with You"

"Wide Open"

"Comfort You"

"This Kind of Love"

"Higher Plane" (Eddie X Mix)

EP version (2002)


"It's Hard to Be Me"

"Madonna Whore"

"Water's Edge"

"Shine" (Illicit Mix)

Remixes version (2003)

"Shine (Tracy Young Mix)"

"Shine (Tracy Young Instrumental)"

"Shine (Illicit Mix)"

"Shine (Illicit Instrumental)"

"Shine (Acapella)"

"Higher Plane (Bonus Track)"

LP version (2004)

"Shine" (Cyndi Lauper, William Wittman)

"It's Hard to Be Me" (Lauper, Rob Hyman, Wittman)

"Madonna Whore" (Lauper, Wittman)

"Wide Open" (Lauper, Jan Pulsford)

"Rather Be with You" (Lauper, Doc Fleming, Marcello Nines)

"Who Let in the Rain" (Lauper, Alley Willis)

"Comfort You" (Lauper, Pulsford)

"Eventually" (Lauper, Ryuichi Sakamoto)

"Valentino" (Lauper, Pulsford)

"This Kind of Love" (Lauper, Nines)

"Higher Plane" (Lauper, Pulsford) (Misspelled on CD as "Higher Place")

"Water's Edge" (Lauper, Hyman)

"I Miss My Baby" (Lauper, Pulsford)

Shine is the 8th studio album by American singer Cyndi Lauper, released exclusively in Japan in 2004. The album was ready for release in 2001 but Edel Records, the label it was recorded with, folded. The leaked tracks from a demonstration disc quickly circulated on the Internet and by 2002 Lauper realized there was no point in trying to release it in a widespread fashion. Two EPs were released instead: One was also called "Shine" and the other was called "Shine Remixes". The "Shine EP" has sold 41,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

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