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Eloy - Dawn (1976)

Eloy - Dawn (1976)

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Eloy - Dawn

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Side one

"Awakening" – 2:39

"Between the Times" – 6:07

a) "Between the Times" – 1:50

b) "Memory Flash" – 1:56

c) "Appearance of the Voice" – 1:12

d) "Return of the Voice" – 1:08

"The Sun-Song" – 4:55

"The Dance in Doubt and Fear" – 4:27

"Lost!? (Introduction)" – 5:20

Side two

"Lost?? (The Decision)" – 5:01

"The Midnight-Fight/The Victory of Mental Force" – 8:10

"Gliding Into Light and Knowledge" – 4:13

"Le Réveil du Soleil/The Dawn" – 6:49[3]

Eloy Band Members / Musicians

Frank Bornemann – guitars, lead vocals

Klaus Peter Matziol – bass, backing vocals

Detlev Schmidtchen – keyboards, backing vocals, synthesizer, Mellotron, mini Moog, Hammond organ, piano, guitars

Jürgen Rosenthal – drums, voices, lyrics, cymbals, glockenspiel, gong, timbales, kettle drum, temple blocks, roto toms

Arranged & produced by Eloy

Engineered by Georgi Nedeitschev

Dawn is the 5th studio album by the German progressive rock band Eloy released in 1976. Much like their previous album, Power and the Passion, their fifth studio release follows a similar story format. The concept tells the tale of a man who after a sudden death comes back as a ghost. He tries to pass on his newly acquired knowledge to his loved one. The album ends with his dissolving into light, closing on the quote, "Nous sommes du soleil" ("We are of the sun").

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