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Frijid Pink - Frijid Pink (1970)

Frijid Pink - Frijid Pink (1970)

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Frijid Pink - Frijid Pink
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"God Gave Me You"   3:35
"Crying Shame"   3:11
"I'm On My Way"   4:34
"Drivin' Blues"   3:14
"Tell Me Why"   2:50
"End Of The Line"   4:07
"House of the Rising Sun"   4:44
"I Want To Be Your Lover"   7:30
"Boozin' Blues"   6:01
"Heartbreak Hotel"   2:49
"Music For The People"   2:54

Frijid Pink Band Members / Musicians
Kelly Green - lead vocals
Gary Ray Thompson - guitar
Tom Harris - bass
Richard Stevers - drums
Larry Zelanka - keyboards

Frijid Pink is the debut album by American rock band Frijid Pink. It was originally released early 1970 by London Records' now-defunct Parrot subsidiary label (cat. no. PAS 71033).

The album was released on German CD (1991, Repertoire Records) including two bonus tracks ("Heartbreak Hotel" and "Music For The People") that were originally released as singles in 1970 and 1971, respectively. One of the CD later re-releases, being the most widely distributed copies, were missing tracks 5 and 6 of the nine tracks on the original LP.

Frijid Pink is an American rock band, formed in Detroit in 1967, best known for their 1970 rendition of "House of the Rising Sun".

The initial line-up of the band included drummer Richard Stevers, guitarist Gary Ray Thompson, bassist Tom Harris, lead singer Tom Beaudry (aka Kelly Green), and later added Larry Zelanka as off-staff keyboardist. On their album, All Pink Inside, the line-up was Craig Webb, guitar, Larry Popolizio, bass, Rick Stevers, drums, and Jo Baker harp/vocal, with the addition of Rockin' Reggie Vincent, vocals, and David Ahlers, piano. Over 35 years would pass before the next album would be released.

Frijid Band Members / Musicians
Rick Stevers – drums
Brent Austin – bass guitar, vocals
Ricky Houke – guitar, vocals
Chuck Mangus – keyboards, harmonica
Rick Zeithaml – guitar, vocals
Craig Webb – guitar
Gary Ray Thompson – guitar
Jo Baker – vocals, harmonica
Jon Wearing – vocals
Larry Zelanka – keyboards
Reggie Vincent – vocals
Tom Harris – bass guitar
Tom Beaudry (AKA Kelly Green) – vocals
Bobby Gilbert (Bobby G) – guitar
Danny Romanek – vocals
Dave Akers (bass guitar)

Prijid Band Members / Musicians Discography Full
1970 Frijid Pink
1970 Defrosted
1972 Earth Omen
1974 All Pink Inside
2011 Frijid Pink
2014 Made in Detroit
2017 Taste of Pink (EP)
2018 On the Edge

1969 "Tell Me Why"
1969 "Drivin' Blues"
1970 "House of the Rising Sun"
1970 "Sing a Song for Freedom"
1970 "Heartbreak Hotel"
1971 "Music for the People"
1971 "We're Gonna Be There"
1972 "I Love Her"
1972 "Earth Omen"
1972 "Go Now"
1973 "Big Betty"

Compilation Albums
The Beginning Vol. 5 (Deram) 1973. German compilation; rare import.

Hibernated (2002) 3-CD Box Set that includes first three albums plus non-album singles.

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