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Hurriganes - Tsugu Way (1977)

Hurriganes - Tsugu Way (1977)

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Hurriganes - Tsugu Way

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Hurriganes recorded the album Tsugu Way (1977) in Love Records' brand new studio, and there were some technical problems, but the content was familiar Hurriganes with some covers, like the Beatles' "Hold Me Tight". The album was released in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands with the name of "Use No Hooks". The album sold well enough to become a Gold Record easily, even though the record sales were generally down in Finland due to a recession.

In November 1977, Hurriganes' Swedish Sonet label arranged a small tour for the band in London. It was also agreed that next summer they would play 30 gigs in Europe as Status Quo's opening act. Hurriganes failed to conquer London, however, and also the Quo gigs were canceled when Remu and Cisse quit the tour and went back to Finland. The reason was apparently the fact that the band was unknown in England, and the tour arrangements and the reception reflected that. For example, they were not headlining their most important gigs. Remu states, "I fucked up to the whole system so we went away".

For the time being, Ile Kallio's last Hurriganes album was Hanger, where the drummer Beaver Aittojärvi-Oja performed, and keyboardist Jim Pembroke. Remu's back problems prevented him from playing, and the short-lived five piece Hurriganes went on tour to Sweden, but the reception was a little contradictory. The drummer in the concerts was Tomi Parkkonen.

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