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Kaleidoscope - Incredible Kaleidoscope (1969)

Kaleidoscope - Incredible Kaleidoscope (1969)

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Kaleidoscope - Incredible Kaleidoscope

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1. "Lie to Me"   2:47

2. "Let the Good Love Flow"   2:11

3. "Killing Floor (aka Tempe Arizona)"   2:44

4. "Petite Fleur"   3:31

5. "Banjo"   3:34

6. "Cuckoo"   4:16

7. "Seven-Ate Sweet"   11:31

Kaleidoscope Band Members / Musicians

David Lindley – guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin

Stuart Brotman – bass, vocals

Solomon Feldthouse – vocals, saz, bouzouki, oud, dulcimer, guitar, jumbus

Chester Crill (as Templeton Parcely and Max Buda) – violin, organ, vocals, harmonica

Paul Lagos – drums, percussion, vocals

Incredible! Kaleidoscope is Kaleidoscope's 3rd album. The line-up had changed, with original bassist Chris Darrow and drummer John Vidican replaced by Stuart Brotman and Paul Lagos. It was the only Kaleidoscope album to chart, reaching number 139 on Billboard, and it's still remembered fondly by members of the band, especially David Lindley.

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