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Lita Ford - Dangerous Curves (1991)

Lita Ford - Dangerous Curves (1991)

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Lita Ford - Dangerous Curves

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Side one

"Larger Than Life" (Michael Dan Ehmig, Lita Ford, Myron Grombacher) – 3:53

"What Do Ya Know About Love?" (Randy Cantor, Michael Caruso, Cal Curtis) – 3:52

"Shot of Poison" (Ford, Grombacher, Jim Vallance) – 3:31

"Bad Love" (Ehmig, David Ezrin, Ford, Joe Taylor) – 4:20

"Playin' with Fire" (Ehmig, Ford, Vallance) – 4:08

Side two

"Hellbound Train" (Ehmig, Ezrin, Ford, Grombacher, Kevin Savigar) – 6:06

"Black Widow" (Ehmig, Ezrin, Ford, Taylor) – 3:30

"Little Too Early" (Rick Blakemore, Al Pitrelli, Joe Lynn Turner) – 2:58

"Holy Man" (Ehmig, Ford) – 4:42

"Tambourine Dream" (Ehmig, Ford, Grombacher) – 4:53

"Little Black Spider" (Ford) – 1:46

Lita Ford Band Members / Musicians

Lita Ford - lead vocals, guitars

Joe Taylor - guitar

David Ezrin - keyboards

Matt Bissonette - bass guitar

Myron Grombacher - drums

Howard Leese - guitar

Jeff Scott Soto, Debbie Holiday, Joe Lynn Turner, Michael Caruso, Anne Marie Hunter - backing vocals

Tom Werman - producer, mixing

Eddie DeLena - associate producer, engineer, mixing

Clif Norrell, Mike Piersante - assistant engineers

Michael Dan Ehmig - vocal arrangements

Howie Weinberg - mastering at Masterdisk, New York

Neal Avron - remastering engineer

Dangerous Curves is the 5th studio album by American hard rock/heavy metal singer and guitarist Lita Ford, released in 1991. Though it was a popular release and received heavy video rotation on MTV, the album was not as successful as its predecessor due to the sound of the album sounding largely 80s (because the album's genre is glam metal) and musical tastes were shifting towards alternative rock in late 1991. The album charted on both the US and UK charts in 1992 and the single, "Shot of Poison", was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in 1993. This was Lita Ford's second ever Grammy nomination and her first since 1984's "Dancin' On The Edge".

The track "Black Widow" is not to be confused for the track "Die for Me Only (Black Widow)" from Ford's 1983 debut Out for Blood.

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