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Lita Ford - Out for Blood (1983)

Lita Ford - Out for Blood (1983)

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Lita Ford - Out for Blood
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Side one
"Out for Blood" (Lita Ford, Neil Merryweather) – 2:56
"Stay with Me Baby" (Ford) – 4:31
"Just a Feeling" (Ford) – 4:41
"Ready, Willing and Able" (Ford, Merryweather) – 2:59
"Die for Me Only (Black Widow)" (Ford, Merryweather) – 3:05

Side two
"Rock 'n' Roll Made Me What I Am Today" (Pete Heimlich) – 2:53
"If You Can't Live with It" (Ford) – 4:20
"On the Run" (Ford, Merryweather) – 2:50
"Any Way That You Want Me" (Chip Taylor) – 3:36
"I Can't Stand It" (Ford) – 3:28

The Lita Ford Band Members / Musicians
Lita Ford - lead & rhythm guitars, lead vocals
Neil Merryweather - bass, harmony vocals, backing vocals, producer, mixing
Dusty Watson - drums, backing vocals

Artie Ripp - producer, engineer, mixing
Joel Soiffer - producer, engineer, mixing
Bruce Wildstein, Cliff Zellman, John Hanlon, Laura Livingstone, Rick Neiswonger - assistant engineers
Andrew Nicholas - mastering
Glen Christensen - art direction
Herbert Wheeler Worthington III - photography

Out for Blood is the debut solo album from guitarist/vocalist Lita Ford, formerly of the band the Runaways.

The original cover art for this album featured Lita standing in front of a spiderweb holding a broken blood-spurting guitar. It was later replaced with a cover of Lita standing in front of a purple background with her guitar.

The album's artwork saw Ford adopting a very heavy metal-inspired image, an image she would maintain for much of the next decade.

The track "Die for Me Only (Black Widow)" is not to be confused for the track "Black Widow" from Ford's 1991 album Dangerous Curves.

Lita Rossana Ford (born 19 September 1958) is an English-born American guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. She was the lead guitarist for the all female rock band the Runaways in the late 1970s before embarking on a successful glam metal solo career, that hit its peak in the late 1980s. The 1989 single "Close My Eyes Forever", a duet with Ozzy Osbourne, remains Ford's most successful song, reaching No. 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Lita Ford was born to a British father (Harry Lenard Ford) and an Italian mother (Isabella Benvenuto) in London, England.[10] When she was in second grade, she moved with her family to the United States, eventually settling in Long Beach, California.

Inspired by Ritchie Blackmore's work with Deep Purple, she began playing the guitar at the age of 11. Her vocal range is mezzo-soprano.

Lita Ford Discography Full
Out for Blood (1983)
Dancin' on the Edge (1984)
Lita (1988)
Stiletto (1990)
Dangerous Curves (1991)
Black (1995)
Wicked Wonderland (2009)
Living Like a Runaway (2012)
Time Capsule (2016)

Lita Ford Filmography
1978 Rock 'N Roll Sports Classic
1991 Highway to Hell
1992 Howie
1993 Herman's Head
2005 Edgeplay
2009 Brütal Legend
2011 Big Time Rush

Lita Ford Band Members / Musicians

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