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Steve Vai - Flex-Able Leftovers (1998)

Steve Vai - Flex-Able Leftovers (1998)

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Steve Vai - Flex-Able Leftovers

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"Fuck Yourself" (Listed as #?@! Yourself)[2] (Bonus Ed. 1998) – 8:27

"So Happy" (Vai, Laurel Fishman) – 2:43

"Bledsoe Blvd" – 4:22

"Natural Born Boy" (Bonus Ed. 1998) – 3:34

"Details at 10" – 5:58

"Massacre" (Bonus Ed. 1998) – 3:25

"Burnin' Down the Mountain" – 4:22

"Little Pieces of Seaweed" – 5:12 (Vai, Larry Kutcher)

"San Sebastian" (Bonus Ed. 1998) – 1:08

"The Beast of Love" (Joe Kearney) – 3:30

"You Didn't Break it" (Bob Harris, Suzannah Harris) (1998 Version, with Robin DiMaggio (Drums)) – 4:19

"The X-Equilibrium Dance" (Bonus Ed. 1998) – 5:10

"Chronic Insomnia" – 2:00

Steve Vai Band Members / Musicians / Instrumental contributions

Steve Vai – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, coral sitar, keyboards, electric piano, bass guitar, background vocals

Mike Keneally – keyboards on "Fuck Yourself"

Tommy Mars – vocals, violin, keyboards

Stu Hamm – vocals, bass guitar

Bob Harris – background vocals

Joe Kearney – background vocals

Alex Acerra - background vocals

Larry Crane – piccolo xylophone, bell lyre, vibraphone

Robin DiMaggio – drums

Chris Frazier – drums

Deen Castronovo – drums

Pete Zeldman – percussion

Suzannah Harris – background vocals

Larry Kutcher - vocals and narration on Little Pieces of Seaweed

Technical contributions

Eddy Schreyer - mastering

Lill Vai – sound effects

Joe Despagni – sound effects

The Flex-Able Leftovers album, released on November 10, 1998 on Sony Records, contains five bonus tracks and is quite different from the original Flex-Able Leftovers EP. Unlike Steve Vai's other albums, which are mostly instrumental, almost all copies of Flex-Able Leftovers feature a Parental Advisory label, as a result of the song "Fuck Yourself" containing multiple profanities and sexual references. Other differences from the original version include the recording of live drums on "You Didn't Break It!" (The original used a drum machine) and the complete re-editing and mixing of the songs.

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