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The Cult - Love (1985)

The Cult - Love (1985)

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The Cult - Love

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1. "Nirvana"   5:24

2. "The Big Neon Glitter"   4:45

3. "Love"   5:35

4. "Brother Wolf: Sister Moon"   6:49

5. "Rain"   3:57

6. "The Phoenix"   5:06

7. "The Hollow Man"   4:45

8. "Revolution"   5:20

9. "She Sells Sanctuary"   4:23

10. "Black Angel"   5:22

2009 "Expanded edition" CD 2 track listing

"She Sells Sanctuary" (Long version) – 6:59

"No. 13" – 4:40

"The Snake" – 8:09

"(Here Comes the) Rain" – 6:19

"Little Face" – 4:54

"Revolution" (Full length remix) – 5:29

"Judith" – 5:29

"Sunrise" – 5:11

"All Souls Avenue" – 4:45

"She Sells Sanctuary" (Howling mix) – 8:26

"Assault on Sanctuary" – 7:31

Omnibus edition CD 3 and 4 track listings

CD 3: "The Demos"

"Brother Wolf, Sister Moon" – 7:54

"Hollow Man" – 5:48

"She Sells Sanctuary" – 5:21

"All Souls Avenue" – 4:56

"Little Face" – 5:45

"No. 13" – 6:23

"Big Neon Glitter" – 6:34

"Waltz" (Instrumental) – 4:36

"Nirvana" (Instrumental) – 6:04

"Revolution" (Instrumental) – 6:50

"She Sells Sanctuary" (Olympic mix) – 7:04

CD 4: Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, 31 October 1985

"Love" – 5:54

"Nirvana" – 5:05

"Christians" – 4:33

"Hollow Man" – 5:01

"Big Neon Glitter" – 4:46

"Brother Wolf, Sister Moon" – 7:01

"Rain" – 5:12

"Dreamtime" – 3:10

"She Sells Sanctuary" – 5:35

"Go West" – 5:02

"Spiritwalker" – 4:35

"Horse Nation" – 3:17

"The Phoenix" – 5:19

Bonus tracks/international releases

"Little Face" (bonus track, track four in some territories)

"Judith" (bonus track, track eleven in some territories)

"Faith Healer" (bonus track, track thirteen in Eastern Europe and Asia)

"Edie (Ciao Baby)" (acoustic version) (bonus track, track fourteen in Eastern Europe and Asia)

Indonesian cassette tape versions:

Side A: Love, She sells Sanctuary, Rain, Nirvana, Revolution, Black Angel.

Side B: The Phoenix, The Hollow Man, Big Neon Glitter, Brother Wolf Sister Moon, Dreamtime*, Bad Medicine Waltz*. *From the album Dreamtime.

On these Indonesian pressings, the song "Brother Wolf Sister Moon" is incorrectly listed as "Brother Walf Sister Moon", and drummer Nigel Preston is listed as Nigel Reston.

Saudi Arabian cassette tape versions includes "Spiritwalker/Dreamtime/Rider in the Snow/A Flower in the Desert" as bonus tracks, but it does not include "Judith" or "Little Face". An alternate Saudi Arabian version includes only nine of the original ten songs, omitting Revolution and comes with a different sleeve.

2009/2010 Love Live Tour

In 2009 and 2010, The Cult played the Love album in its entirety during an extended tour. The setlist typically was formatted as follows.


"Big Neon Glitter"


"Brother Wolf, Sister Moon"


"The Phoenix"

"Hollow Man"


"She Sells Sanctuary"

"Black Angel"

"Electric Ocean"

"Wild Flower"

"Illuminated" (later replaced with "Sun King")


"Fire Woman"

"Dirty Little Rockstar"

"Love Removal Machine"


The Cult Band Members Musicians

Ian Astbury – lead vocals and backing vocals

Billy Duffy – guitars and backing vocals

Jamie Stewart – bass and backing vocals

Mark Brzezicki – drums on all tracks except "She Sells Sanctuary", "No. 13" and "The Snake"

Simon Kliney – Fairlight

Nigel Preston – drums on "She Sells Sanctuary", "No. 13" and "The Snake"

The Soultanas (Mae McKenna, Lorenza Johnson, Jackie Challenor) – backing vocals on "Rain", "Revolution", and "The Phoenix"

Love is the 2nd album by British rock band The Cult, released in 18 October 1985 on Beggars Banquet Records. The album was the band's commercial breakthrough, reaching number four in the UK and staying on the chart for 22 weeks. It produced three Top 40 singles in the UK, "She Sells Sanctuary", "Rain" and "Revolution". It has been released in nearly 30 countries and sold an estimated 2.5 million copies. Love was recorded at Jacob's Studios in Farnham, Surrey, in July and August 1985.

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