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The Tangent - A Place in the Queue (2006)

The Tangent - A Place in the Queue (2006)

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The Tangent - A Place in the Queue
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1.   "In Earnest"
I. "The Radio Amateur"
II. "Worthy of Memory (Part I)"
III. "Demobilized"
IV. "Dehumanized"
V. "Flights of Fancy"
VI. "Worthy of Memory (Part II)"
VII. "The Silent Key"
VIII. "Earnest Dreams of 617"
IX. "Some Crazy Old Guy"
X. "In Earnest"
2. "Lost in London"   8:08
3. "DIY Surgery"   2:17
4. "GPS Culture"   10:07
5. "Follow Your Leaders"   9:21
6. "The Sun in My Eyes"   3:44
7. "A Place in the Queue"
I. "Silent Screams"
II. "Two for the Queue (Part I)"
III. "Shaping the Line"
IV. "Hierarchies"
V. "The Escher Staircase"
VI. "An 'elping Hand"
VII. "Two for the Queue (Part II)"
VIII. "The Escher Staircase (Reprise)"
  Andy Tillison, Theo Travis 25:14

Total length:   78:54

Special Edition Bonus Disc
Tracks 1-3 contain other songs recorded at the same time as the main CD. Track 4 is an alternative version. Tracks 5-6 are instrumental ambience.

1. "Promises Were Made (Sam Baine, Andy Tillison)"   7:26
2. "The First Day At School (demo)"   5:30
3. "Forsaken Cathedrals"   4:54
4. "The Sun In My Eyes (extended mix)"   9:12
5. "Grooving On Mars" (live at Karlsruhe, Germany, 2005) (Theo Travis)"   6:16
6. "Kartoffelsalat Im Unterseeboot" (Krister Jonsson, Andy Tillison, Theo Travis)"   3:37

Total length:   46:55

The Tangent Band Members / Musicians
Andy Tillison – piano, guitars, vocals
Sam Baine – piano, synthesizer, vocals
Jonas Reingold – bass guitar
Theo Travis – saxophone, flute, clarinet
Guy Manning – acoustic guitar, mandolin
Jaime Salazar – drums
Krister Jonsson – electric guitars (except on "GPS Culture")
Dan Watts – electric guitars (only on "GPS Culture")
Ed Unitsky – Album artwork

A Place in the Queue is the 3rd studio album released by the progressive rock group The Tangent. This is the band's first album not to include guitarist Roine Stolt and drummer Zoltan Csörsz.

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