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The Tangent - Proxy (2018)

The Tangent - Proxy (2018)

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The Tangent - Proxy

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1. "Proxy"   16:08

I. "The Art Of The Deal"

II. "Proxy Part 1"

III. "On The Level"

IV. "Brain Salad Burglary"

V. "Prime Time Catastrophe"

VI. "Proxy Part 2"

2. "The Melting Andalusian Skies"   8:51

3. "A Case Of Misplaced Optimism"   6:13

4. "The Adulthood Lie"   16:05

I. "A Missed Opportunity In Ibiza"

II. "Running Alongside The Mainstream Or Directly Across It"

III. "How To Believe The Lie"

IV. "Kit-e-Kat & Taxidermist On Standby

V. "Repeated Line Indicating That 'There's Still Time'"

VI. "A Missed Opportunity In Ibiza (Reprise)"

5. "Supper's Off"   9:53

I. "My Child's A Stranger, I Bore Her But I Could Not Raise Her"

II. "Like He's Looking Back On The Good Old Bands"

III. "By The Time We Got To Woodstock"

6. "Excerpts from Exo-Oceans (Bonus Track)"   10:25

Total length:   67:35

The Tangent Band Members / Musicians

Andy Tillison – keyboards, vocals, electronic drums (4), and bass synth (4)

Jonas Reingold – bass guitar and Taurus Pedals

Steve Roberts – drums, percussion, and assorted gongs

Theo Travis – saxophones and flutes

Luke Machin – guitars

Proxy (A protest, a reflection, a couple of regrets and a rant) is the 10th studio album released by progressive rock group The Tangent. The special edition of the album contains a bonus track — an except from Exo-Oceans, an album by Andy Tillison's project Kalman Filter.

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