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Alien Ant Farm - Up in the Attic (2006)

Alien Ant Farm - Up in the Attic (2006)

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Alien Ant Farm - Up in the Attic

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1. "Bad Morning"   3:42

2. "Forgive & Forget"   2:59

3. "What I Feel Is Mine"   2:58

4. "It Could Happen"   3:53

5. "Around the Block"   3:16

6. "San Sebastian"   3:05

7. "Lord Knows"   3:06

8. "Getting Closer"   3:48

9. "Crickets"   4:36

10. "Supreme Lifestyle"   3:56

11. "Consti2tion"   3:38

12. "State of Emergency"   3:29

13. "Sleepwalker"   3:06

14. "She's Only Evil"   8:26

There are two hidden tracks appended to the last song: "Beehive" and "Album End", which were known as "Tragedy" and "Say Something", respectively, on 3rd Draft.

Two unreleased songs from the recording sessions are "All Your Crimes" and "Bellman"

Alien Ant Farm Band Members / Musicians

Joe Hill - guitar

Mike Cosgrove - drums

Dryden Mitchell - vocals

Tye Zamora - bass

Up in the Attic is the 4th studio album by American rock band Alien Ant Farm. The album is identical to 3rd Draft with the addition of one new track, and radio promo, "Forgive & Forget". It's considered a commercial flop in the U.S. because of little support for the album, no officially released single ("Forgive & Forget" was only released as a promo to radio and received little airplay), and no tour. The album debuted at number 114 on the Billboard 200, dropped to number 198 in its next week, and fell off completely in its third week.

The song "Around the Block" had a music video recently released, and is available on iTunes.

The album cover features references to songs of past albums, as well as songs from the album itself: Smooth Criminal, Movies, S.S. Recognize, Pink Tea, Rubber Mallet, San Sebastian & Crickets.

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