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Awolnation - Here Come the Runts (2018)

Awolnation - Here Come the Runts (2018)

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Awolnation - Here Come the Runts

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1. "Here Come the Runts"   3:19

2. "Passion"   3:22

3. "Sound Witness System" (featuring Sickabod Sane)   2:22

4. "Miracle Man"   3:24

5. "Handyman"   3:22

6. "Jealous Buffoon"   3:09

7. "Seven Sticks of Dynamite"   4:06

8. "A Little Luck... and a Couple of Dogs"   0:30

9. "Table for One"   4:39

10. "My Molasses"   3:32

11. "Cannonball"   3:09

12. "Tall, Tall Tale"   2:57

13. "The Buffoon"   1:54

14. "Stop That Train"   6:02

Total length:   45:43

Here Come the Runts is the 3rd studio album by American rock band Awolnation, released on February 2, 2018, through Red Bull Records. It is their first album to be released since "Run" was released in 2015. The name of it was inspired from "scenes from Bruno's own home in Malibu, where his wife fosters puppies." Bruno explained the meaning of the album in depth in an interview: "We always are drawn to the runt of the litter in a lot of ways. They have to scrap a little bit more. They're overlooked in many cases, and they shouldn't be. A lot of people who are against all odds and are maybe unnoticed, I think, with all the obstacles end up being stronger and have to find a different way to stand out. That even goes in the music industry as well. It felt like that for me anyways.

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