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Black Flag - What The... (2013)

Black Flag - What The... (2013)

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Black Flag - What The...

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1. "My Heart's Pumping"   2:12

2. "Down in the Dirt"   3:39

3. "Blood and Ashes"   1:48

4. "Now Is the Time"   1:47

5. "Wallow in Despair"   1:30

6. "Slow Your Ass Down"   1:50

7. "It's So Absurd"   1:11

8. "Shut Up"   1:43

9. "This Is Hell"   2:01

10. "Go Away"   2:32

11. "The Bitter End"   2:02

12. "The Chase"   2:17

13. "I'm Sick"   1:45

14. "It's Not My Time to Go-Go"   1:36

15. "Lies"   2:47

16. "Get Out of My Way"   1:01

17. "Outside"   2:44

18. "No Teeth"   1:44

19. "To Hell and Back"   1:43

20. "Give Me All Your Dough"   1:28

21. "You Gotta Be Joking"   1:17

22. "Off My Shoulders"   3:18

Black Flag Band Members / Musicians

Greg Ginn – composer, guitar, organ, theremin

Gregory Moore – drums, backing vocals

Dale Nixon – bass

Ron Reyes – composer, lead vocals

Mathew Cortez – drums

The Ducky Boys of Granger Lake – backing vocals

Ron Raygunn – backing vocals

Cliff Samuels – backing vocals

Eric Vasquez – backing vocals

Andy Batwinas – engineer

Mike Shear – engineer

What The… is the 7th studio album by American hardcore punk band Black Flag. The album was originally announced to be released on November 5, 2013. However, on November 5, What The… was only released through online streaming sources such as Spotify and Rdio, and a physical release date was pushed back to December 3, 2013. It is the band's first full-length studio album since In My Head (1985), marking the longest gap between two studio albums in their career, as well as being their first recording with vocalist Ron Reyes since Jealous Again (1980) and drummer Gregory "Drummer" Moore. This album also marked the first time since My War (1984) that guitarist Greg Ginn played bass on a Black Flag album under the name Dale Nixon. Three weeks after the album's release, Reyes was fired mid-show during a performance in Australia due to differences with Ginn. The band's manager and professional skateboarder Mike Vallely replaced Reyes on vocals.

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