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Bonnie Raitt - Takin' My Time (1973)

Bonnie Raitt - Takin' My Time (1973)

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Bonnie Raitt - Takin' My Time

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Side one

1. "You've Been in Love Too Long"   3:43

2. "I Gave My Love a Candle"   4:20

3. "Let Me In"   3:38

4. "Everybody's Cryin' Mercy"   3:29

5. "Cry Like a Rainstorm"   3:55

Side two

1. "Wah She Go Do"   3:12

2. "I Feel the Same"   4:40

3. "I Thought I Was a Child"   3:49

4. "Write Me a Few of Your Lines/Kokomo Blues"   3:36

5. "Guilty"   2:58

Bonnie Raitt Musicians

Bonnie Raitt – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, background vocals, handclapping, bottleneck guitar

Paul Barrere – electric guitar

George Bohanon – trombone

Sam Clayton – congas

Carol Farhat – handclapping

Glenn Ferris – horn

Freebo – fretless bass, tuba, background vocals

Lowell George – slide guitar

John Hall – electric guitar, background vocals, handclapping, mellotron

Bob Hardaway – horn

Robert Hardaway – saxophone

Milt Holland – tabla, tambourine, timbales, claves, shaker

Carl Huston – handclapping

Kirby Johnson – conductor

Jim Keltner – drums

Marty Krystall – saxophone

Taj Mahal – harmonica, vocals, background vocals, acoustic bass

Earl Palmer – drums

Van Dyke Parks – piano, keyboard, vocals, background vocals

Bill Payne – organ, piano, electric piano, vocals, background vocals

Joel Peskin – saxophone

Nat Seligman – handclapping

Tony Terran – trumpet

Oscar Brashear – trumpet

Bud Brisbois – trumpet

Ernie Watts – soprano saxophone

John Hall – producer

John Haeny – engineer

Richard Heenan – mixing

Arnie Acosta – mastering

Doug Sax – mastering

Ed Cherney – remastering supervisor

Lee Herschberg – remastering

Jo Motta – project coordinator

H George Bohanon – horn arrangements

Kirby Johnson – horn arrangements

Tom Gamache – art direction, design

Sandy Kroopf – art direction, design, photography, back cover

Michael Dobo – photography, cover photo

Takin' My Time is the 3rd studio album by American musician Bonnie Raitt. It was released in 1973 by Warner Bros. Records. The album is an amalgamation of several different genres, including blues, folk, jazz, New Orleans rhythm and blues, and calypso. The 10 tracks on the album are covers, and range from soft sentimental ballads to upbeat, rhythmic-heavy tracks. Lowell George was originally hired to handle the production, but was ultimately replaced by John Hall when Raitt became unhappy with his production.

Takin' My Time received positive reviews from music critics, while it reached number 87 on the US Billboard Top LPs & Tapes chart. Retrospective reviews have also been positive, with critics praising the eclecticism. Critics commended Raitt's attempts to broaden her musical horizon. Vik Iyengar of AllMusic believed the album was Raitt's last consistent album up to her comeback in the mid-1980s. Raitt went on an accompanying tour of the United States.

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