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Elton John - Peachtree Road (2004)

Elton John - Peachtree Road (2004)

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Elton John - Peachtree Road
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1. "Weight of the World"   3:58
2. "Porch Swing in Tupelo"   4:38
3. "Answer in the Sky"   4:03
4. "Turn the Lights Out When You Leave"   5:02
5. "My Elusive Drug"   4:12
6. "They Call Her the Cat"   4:27
7. "Freaks in Love"   4:32
8. "All That I'm Allowed"   4:52
9. "I Stop and I Breathe"   3:39
10. "Too Many Tears"   4:14
11. "It's Getting Dark in Here"   3:50
12. "I Can't Keep This from You"   4:34

Total length:   52:01

Bonus tracks (2005 CD reissue)
13. "The Letter"   2:33
14. "Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher"   3:38
15. "Electricity"   3:29

Total length:   61:41

Bonus DVD (2005 reissue)
1. "Weight of the World" 
2. "Porch Swing in Tupelo"
3. "Answer in the Sky"
4. "Turn the Lights Out When You Leave"
5. "My Elusive Drug"
6. "They Call Her the Cat"
7. "Freaks in Love"
8. "All That I'm Allowed"
9. "I Can't Keep This from You"

Elton John Band Members / Musicians

Elton John – piano, Fender Rhodes, lead and backing vocals

Davey Johnstone – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, baritone guitar, Leslie, sitar, dobro, mandolin, backing vocals

Nigel Olsson – drums, backing vocals

Guy Babylon – Hammond organ, piano, Fender Rhodes, programming

Bob Birch – bass guitar, backing vocals

John Mahon – percussion, backing vocals

John Jorgenson – pedal steel guitar

L'Tanya Shields – choir

Alecia Terry – choir

M. Dennis Sims – choir

Rosalind McKnight – choir

Mark Ford – choir

Terrence Davis – choir

Todd Honeycutt – choir

Adam McKnight – choir

James Pankow – trombone

Lee Loughnane – trumpet

Walter Parazaider – tenor saxophone

Larry Klimas – baritone saxophone

Martin Tillman, Steve Erodody – cello

Violin – Charlie Bisharat, Joel Derouin, Bruce Dukow, Endre Granat, Eric J. Hosler, Dimitrie Leiviachi, Phillip Levy, Robin Olson, Sid Page, Mark Robinson, Anatoly Rosinsky and Lisa M. Sutto

Viola – Brian Dembrow, Victoria Miskolczy, Simon Oswell and James V. Ross

Produced by Elton John

Engineered and Mixed by Matt Still

Assistant Engineers – Jason Carson, John Holmes, Josh McDonnell, Josh "Frodo" Monroy, Rob Skipworth and Tom Tapley

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering (Portland, ME)

Keyboard Technicians – Tony Smith and Dale Sticha

Guitar Technician – Rick Salazar

Drum Technician – Chris Sobchack

Photography – Sam Taylor-Wood

Design – Intro

Management – Keith Bradley, Derek MacKillop and Frank Presland for Twenty First Artist, Ltd.

Peachtree Road is the 27th studio album by British singer-songwriter Elton John, released in 2004. It was named after Peachtree Road, the northern part of Peachtree Street in Atlanta, where one of John's four homes is located. This is the only album during his long career on which John has sole credit as producer, although on some previous projects he was listed as a co-producer, with Clive Franks (on A Single Man, 21 at 33 and parts of The Fox), or Greg Penny (on Duets and Made in England). It was recorded in January 2004.

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